When people dream about the relationship, they often want future partner to be smart, beautiful, successful, kind. Almost nobody thinks that the partner was able to be grateful for. And it's more than just saying "thank you."

Our relationships suffer natural crises, and at this time it seems that different sides of the character of our satellite is simply intolerable and we need something else. We demand change and often demand that initially we could not give our partner. Because he never was.

I work a lot with a divorce and a breakup and see that those that have gone through the pain of trying to figure out what else could be done, what should have been. Is clear and always the same pattern: whatever they did, their companion has become taken for granted.

Those qualities for which you were once of the chosen, began to disturb, to irritate. Ceased to amaze and surprise.

You're calm and can make me feel better?

Instead of "thank you" became "how you're boring, there's nothing you can do."

You find a way out of any situation?

Instead of "thank you" became "you tortured their teams."

You have a light character and you don't remember evil?

Before admired, now annoyed: "all you go".

If you want to return in a couple or in your relationship a joy, start to thank each other or the universe for the things themselves are understood.

I see how much easier it is to live with a person who easily responds to what you do for him. Who takes for granted neither Breakfast nor ironed shirt or a bouquet of flowers, which iskrenne, and this is important, knows how to be grateful for the warmth and hugs.

Some of us have the gift to be grateful for — congenital.

This gift makes us happy. Such people are happily surprised every time something good happens. They do not devalue your efforts, when you do for them, and forgive others many, many imperfections. Probably each of us knows of such a person. By nature he is like the sun: so it glows in gratitude for each day.


But most of us find such a gift, only after going through losses.

 Those who are very ill and have recovered, grateful for life for being able to walk again, to breathe, to watch.

Those who almost lost a close, I appreciate every day spent with him. The gift of gratitude is expressed not in number of "thanks", we said.


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It is expressed in the ability always a little amazed that we're still alive, we are lucky that all of this — us. It manifests itself in our joy in response to something. That we appreciate, not depreciate.

Sometimes someone else's effort seems tiny. But we can never know what a huge labor is actually behind it. published


...Thought, we are poor, we do not have anything

What began one after another to lose

So what became of every day

Memorial day -

Began to compose songs

About the great generosity of God

- Our former riches.

Anna Akhmatova



Author: Yulia Rubleva


Source: splash.project-splash.com/posts/dar-blagodarnosti-idrugie-dary/ih952i6020g


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