Robert Sternberg: The triangular theory of love

Love is composed of 3 factors:

Proximity - covers the sense of closeness, connectedness, and secret feelings of the soul.

Passion - the engine, which leads to the novel, physical attraction and ... relations.

Obligations - covered in the short and long term, the decision to stay with the man, the common achievements and plans associated with that person.

"The number of" love that one experiences depends on the absolute power of the three components;
"Type" of love that one experiences depends on their strength against each other.

Various types and stages of love can be explained as various combinations of these three elements. Relationship based on a single element, is less likely to survive than the relationship based on two or three elements.

Lack of love = absence of all three components of love

Sympathy / = A close friendship liking characterizes true friendships, in which one feels the mystery / complexes, warmth, and intimacy with others, but there is no long-term commitment and passion.

Carried away by love (passionate) = Net passion. Romantic relationships often start out as absorbed in love and become romantic love as intimacy develops over a long time. However, without developing intimacy or commitment, carried away by love can suddenly disappear.

Let love = Empty love is characterized by commitment without intimacy or passion. Sometimes, a stronger love is transformed into an empty love. In cultures in which arranged marriages are common, relationships often begin as empty love and develop into one of the other forms over time.

= Romantic love Romantic love connects people emotionally through intimacy spiritual and physical, through the passionate excitement.

Friendly love = Close, nestrastny type of love that is stronger than friendship because of the element of long-term obligations. ... The desire is not as an element of friendly love. This type of love is often found in marriages in which the passion has gone out of the relationship, but remains deep affection and commitment. Love, perfectly divided between family members, it is a form of friendly love, like the love between close friends who have a platonic but strong friendship.

Silly love (rock) = Can illustrated hurricane courtship and marriage, in which the liabilities are largely motivated by passion without intimacy stable effect. Relationships are formed by the fact that one party agrees on life ... to solve problems (obligations) or has pressure / compulsion in ...... Tends more to empty love.

Perfect (perfect) love = The full form of love, which is the ideal relationship, to which people aspire. Of the seven options if there is perfect love, then we can say that this is the "perfect couple". According to Sternberg's theory, such couples continue to have a terrific ... more than fifteen years or more in a relationship, they can not imagine being happy with someone else, they overcome their difficulties gracefully, and admire each other.


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