There is nothing right or wrong. Everything depends on your point of view

The same can be right for one person and wrong for another, because everything is more or less depends on the person. For one and the same person one and the same may be true in one moment and be wrong in another, depending on the situation.

You have been taught to think in terms of Aristotelian logic. One is correct, the other incorrect. That white, black out. Here God, there is the Devil. This classification is erroneous. Life is not divided into black and white. A large part of it closer to shades of gray.

If you look deeply, white is seen as one extreme of gray, black - like the other extreme, but the whole range of tones between them relates to gray. Reality is made up of halftone - quite inevitable, because nowhere in it there is no separation. Nowhere in it is not airtight walls. This classification is stupid, but it was vaccinated your minds.

Right and wrong are constantly changing. What to do? If someone wants to decide categorically, he would be paralyzed; it can not move. If you want to operate only when you are absolutely clear what is right, you will be paralyzed; you can not act. Man must act, and act in a relative world where there are no absolute solutions, so do not expect them; just watch, see, and if you feel that to do so, and not otherwise, it will be correct - do

. © Osho


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