Bane, who lives in your brain 3 year

Why did some people do something and others always something not given, did not provide, was not offered? Why do some people appear around the opportunities and the right people, and others around the world in general resembles a rake and ghouls, vampires? Well so what ?!

Operating managers, hiring and firing people, teaching teams and executives, this issue did not give us rest the last five years. While in February this year, at a conference in San Diego, the picture is not completely developed. (Do not worry - in the beginning will be scientific words, but they lead us to unexpected conclusions)

. Our brain is controlled by hormones. That is, it takes or does not take decisions under the control of several hormones. These hormones have a very different impact on the duration of our behavior and decisions.

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And now, hello, and let's deal.

Short educational program and an explanation of what we are going to work. What hormones have effects on us and how much time they live in our heads. Brain chemistry

Dopamine (dopamine)
Hydrocortisone (cortisol)

Before we go into this chemistry, let's look at why are we talking about that chemistry controls the brain. It would seem - a reasonable person, freedom of the will, all that

? Select the model, sufficient for abstraction for this analysis. Anatomical Model (all of these cerebellar horny bodies) for this simplified analysis is too burdened with, let us take a simpler, modular or level model. triune brain model McNeil, a sufficiently general consideration we have here is quite satisfied.

Inside the brain, in fact, there are three brain:

Human or human brain (neocortex)
Mammal or emotional / limbic brain
Reptile or reptilian, the oldest brain (survival instinct)

For example, look how lucky someone with brain:

Snakes do not think, they just react, act, reprodutsuruyutsya almost do not feel pain.
Dogs feel the desire to want to know how to feel the status of the union felt they companions feel pain, disappointment.
Monkeys and humans must have logic, can count and read, to talk, to keep the balance, listen to and make music.
The first chemical trouble

95% of all decisions takes place in the reptilian and limbic brain.

And we are addressing in his speeches, letters and presentations to the human brain, which is very well taught and knows how to say NO. It just keeps us from change. Think about it - your brain prevents you to change ... that is, he thinks, that protects you from the changes. And the more brain you have, the more it experiences, the worse for you. Smart people know how to protect themselves. From all.

What events or situations cause (ie, become triggers) of certain hormones?
Dopamine triggers

Situations in which we are waiting for something pleasant or unknown, but expected a positive resolution. Duration of exposure: 2 minutes

. Oxytocin triggers

The feeling of security, unity, love, birth of a child. 6 minutes to everything about everything, and then have again something to think about or support.

Incidentally, many smokers do not sit on nicotine, and oxytocin. That is not accustomed to nicotine, and to the social environment of smokers - to talk, to take a break

. Serotonin triggers

Excellence, raising the status of the victory, recognition and acceptance. As many as 24 hours of this wonderful parish. Twenty-four hours for the winner. Day to plunder the city.

Endorphin triggers

Slightly smaller, about 4 hours bathes us in the pleasure of understanding, that you're just alive and exist at all is! Let me explain. There are many examples.

If at first it hurt, and then on the wave of adrenaline eased.
Sincere laughter, tears and rage - just for reference, all on one line in strength
. Muscular pleasure:. Massage, for example
Bright sounds, music, rhythm (wait a minute, wait a minute, it's a club?)
The memory of all listed above may also work.

Triggers cortisol (or hydrocortisone)

mother-infant separation
Divorce or cheating spouse
Loss of status after firing
Social isolation (silence)
When you cheated
The feeling of suffering harm, loss, fear.

Any idea how many can live such a thing?

3 years. THREE $% ^! year.

Hello and evolution of all our ancestors endured the pain and disappointment do not go there - the bite, here Feelin - fall, always ate green fruits - here and chew, not poisoned. The brain is very susceptible to cortisol, because it helps us to survive as a biological species. We do not run very fast, it is not very cool summer, but survived. Cortisol and the brain, close to it run down. So it was necessary.

Think about it. Cortisol lives in us 3 years. And it makes your brain to slow down. It makes your brain safeguard you. Punished? Do not rock the boat. Fired? Do not put out. The brain learns very quickly.

We do not believe. We do not believe in yourself, because cortisol is already in our brain.

We taught cortisol that we did not succeed.

Wait, but for some it turns out?

Business, Career, interesting work, travel. How is that? Cortisol they did not have when all handed out, or how?

The brain learns. Good and bad.
Some have been taught to be anything and sit with his opinion in the ass. Others are taught to get up to go and do.

News and all the negative stream of TV are taught to be helpless. Because there is bad, something happened, and you got to do, and do nothing can not. The brain stores - no need to be included if there is something wrong. We have many times not included (watching TV), and nothing bad happened. So, do not react. Pass by. Learned helplessness. Because thinking and active people, in terms of the big people management systems are not necessary. Teach them to be helpless.

But you can teach your brain to think differently. By creating a sequence of decisions, actions and rewards. Bringing in the brain habit of doing something. He and the excellent student.

I thought I'd share it with you or not, but since we're here with you about intimacy, about the hormones, then okay.

I have weak joints and excess weight. A perfect combination that often tucks his arms and legs playing football or basketball.

I quite often tucked his ankle while playing football, basketball or just running around. And I noticed that if the right to sit on the ground or a bench and remove the shoe, the foot I swell, when I tucked her. I have a couple of days did not go to school, that suits me. And then I somehow missed a date, because he could not come. Then he missed some cool party. And in those few days, I felt helpless. The opposite feeling that big guy that for a healthy 20-year-old-student dunce.

I tried not to sit on the bench after a sprained foot, and to go without stopping. And the leg does not swell. Apparently at this point improves the flow of blood, I do not know. I learned how to go forward, simply because I do not fall for a few days and not be able to get to the toilet. I retrained. This does not mean that I do not hurt. Guys, I weigh more than 120 kg. Stepping on the foot, which turned up - it hurts, believe me. I just go. I swear, sometimes mat, but go. Because I taught myself.

Author: Slava Pankratov


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