What products are necessary for liver health

Because the liver has the ability to recover, it is very important to help her in this. And it can be done with the help of foods that contain essential vitamins and minerals.

As you probably know, if there is in the human body organ, performing a huge number of functions necessary for our well-being and good health, it is the liver.

But often we pay it little attention (or do not do it at all) do not adhere to a healthy diet, and then suddenly there are certain problems.

The most common disease associated with the liver is hepatomegaly, is an inflammatory process, in which the body is greatly increased in size, and if time does not take any action, it can lead to serious and not at all desirable consequences for us.

A diet high in fats, sugars, refined or non-natural products can cause intoxication and prevent liver perform their metabolic and cleansing functions.

So today we want to tell you about two excellent types of ingredients that take care of the health of our liver: it foods rich in fiber and vegetables "with bitterness»

. Why is fiber so important to the health of our liver?

Doctors and nutritionists say that the first step to treatment and recovery of the liver is a healthy diet, ie a diet with limited fat intake. Plus the need to pay close attention to the way in which prepares food consumption.

In this case the best for grilling, roasting, stewing (steaming) and cooking.

At the same products for daily consumption should always be rich in dietary fiber (fiber). And it is important to keep in mind the following facts.

Lack of fiber can lead to increased levels of cholesterol and blood glucose

Are you still wondering why fiber occupies such an important place in our diet?

We answer: firstly, because this element is necessary for the proper assimilation of nutrients:

For example, the insoluble dietary fibers have a mild laxative effect and thus help our work intestine. A pure gut contributes to easier and faster penetration of nutrients into the blood (without admixture of toxins).

Soluble dietary fibers, in turn, in the fermentation process have the ability to regulate blood cholesterol levels, take care of the intestinal microflora and able to reduce the level of so-called "bad cholesterol».

Another fact which should be borne in mind is that in the case of fatty liver disease, people tend to suffer from hyperglycaemia and insulin resistance. That is, they need products that are digested slowly, and it is precisely those that are rich in fiber (such as whole grains).

Remember that all of these products is important to consume with no added sugar.

The recommended daily dietary fiber intake rate of '30 Check your diet, you do so? If not, and its liver you want to take care of properly, then adjust the power based on this figure.

Foods rich in fiber, which is desirable to have:

Brown rice
Wholemeal flour
Rye bread

Apples Pears
Lentils (a salad)
Whole grains without sugar

Useful properties of products "with bitterness»

Endive, broccoli, chicory ... Yes, it's not the most delicious food, at least so says the majority of us. Roast or hamburger, for example, look and smell more appetizing, nobody argues.

But many are not even aware that bitter taste, which possess these useful products, they are bound to the presence of compounds that help:

To develop gastric juice
To improve the digestive process (due to the presence of enzymes)
Absorb nutrients
To protect the liver and facilitate its main function (metabolism and cleansing)
Let's look at all this in more detail.

Bitter vegetables help cleanse the liver from toxins

Bitter vegetables such as chicory, are rich in phytonutrients, which help us to cleanse the liver from toxins and other harmful substances.

They also help maintain normal cholesterol, purify the blood and metabolize fats.

They are a natural source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants

Never forget that the liver is the body that need a constant supply of antioxidants and minerals. Only these substances help protect liver cells from the negative effects of different bacteria and toxins.

Vitamin C is also essential to the maintenance of liver health.

And that, bitter vegetables are able to meet all these needs? Of course, after all:

All vegetables "with bitterness," are rich in vitamins A, C and K, as well as potassium, calcium and magnesium.
They contain large amounts of fiber and folic acid.
They have a low fat and sodium.

What bitter vegetables we should include in your diet?

Rocket salad (lettuce)
Brussels sprouts
Leaf lettuce
Bitter melon
Once you're probably interested to know what drinks to help take care of the health of the liver. We have listed them below. Just remember that everything is good in moderation, and they should not be abused:

Tonics (rich in quinine)

Valerian Infusion
Infusion thistle White tea
Lemon juice
Grapefruit juice
In conclusion, we reiterate that the liver has an amazing ability to regenerate, which means everything is in our hands, and if you provide your body with the right food, the liver can "save" the cure, update.

And of course always follow the instructions and recommendations of doctors, they will be able to take into account the individual characteristics of your body.

The article is for informational purposes and is not a call to self-medicate.


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