Helpful Hints for the repair of apartment

Renovated apartment

1. Nail hammered easily if its tip dipped in vegetable oil.

2. If the cement solution is to add sugar, it will become much stronger.

3. Alabaster diluted milk, longer freezes - it is easier to plug the gap brush

. 4. If the brush oil works very hard, you need to lower it for 1 minute in boiling vinegar.

5. The room, which is just covered with wallpaper, a few days should not be aired, or wallpaper will begin to bubble and peel.

6. The tile is easier to cut wet. In this case, the less likely that it will break.

7. Tile imported more domestic, but its installation does not have to align the edges of the tiles, so that they formed close to each other.

8. precipitated tile can securely consolidate on zinc oxide, densely jammed natural linseed oil. But for a long time will dry.

9. Washable wallpaper paste should not be sunny room - under the influence of sunlight, such wallpaper emit harmful substances

. 10. Using the wallpaper and paint bright colors, you can visually enlarge the volume of the room. Dark colors visually reduce its volume.

Tips for all occasions

The apartments are cleaned

1. The scratches on the polished furniture can be removed with the help of the coloring cream for the respective colors of shoes.

2. Wipe clean the mirrors can be cotton wool soaked in cologne or strong drink. You can use cold water with a dash of laundry bluing - it will give a nice shine mirror. For the same purpose suit diluted infusion tea.

3. yellowed enamel bath is recommended to be cleaned with salt and vinegar.

4. The tile in the bathroom is recommended to wipe with vinegar and water (1: 5). You can use a soap solution with the addition of ammonia.

5. The fact that the colored light oil or enamel paint is recommended to wash with water without soap and soda (they do paint a dim). By water, you can add ammonia (a teaspoon per liter) - it removes dirt and polishes. After washing, use a soft dry cloth, so as not to appear yellow spots and streaks.

6. Do not clean the enamelled bath acids and abrasive powders - damaged enamel

. 7. A new broom, mop, broom last longer if before use soak them in hot soapy water.

8. The white mark on the polished surface, which appeared from the hot object can be removed by wiping it with alcohol, and vegetable oil.

9. Rub necessary woolen cloth circular movements.

10. Do not wash the windows with soap, since it forms a film on the glass, which is badly washed.

11. Strong vinegar solution removes stains from glass and mirrors (1 tablespoon per cup of water).

12. A brush dipped in salt water, will help to restore the golden color of straw products.

13. The carpet color will be brighter if the evening small white sprinkle it with salt, and the next day remove the salt is a soft, clean, damp cloth.

14. linoleum flooring should not be washed with hot water or water with soda or ammonia - linoleum tarnish and spoil

. 15. Can be washed with warm water and soap, then rinse and wipe dry.

16. Approximately every 3 months should be cleaned linoleum natural linseed oil and then carefully wipe it with a soft cloth. You can rub the linoleum mixture of wax, paraffin and turpentine (1: 1: 5), that you need to mix the heated

. 17. Wood floors are well cleaned with a damp cloth soaked in cold water with the addition of glycerol (a tablespoon per cup of water). Wash parquet hot water is not recommended.

18. Chrome-plated surface is enough to wipe with a cloth soaked in soapy water.

19. Nickel-plated surface clean pastes and liquid compositions for cleaning. For example, paste of ammonia and tooth powder. When such a mixture is dry, the product should be wiped with a dry cloth and polish sukonkoy.

20. To Serving knives glittered, they need to clean raw potatoes. Suit also a few drops of lemon juice.

21. porcelain tableware should be washed with water with the addition of ammonia.

22. Crystal utensils should not be washed with hot water - from this it is cloudy and covered by a grid of small cracks. If, after washing wipe it with a woolen cloth podsinennym methylene blue starch - dishes will shine more

. 23. Dark plaque with silver and silvered products easy to remove as follows: Rinse the product with warm soapy water, then clean it with a soft cloth dampened with a mixture of ammonia with chalk or tooth powder. Then rinse with warm water and carefully wipe.

24. Silver, silver plated and cupro-nickel products can be refreshed by washing them in warm water with baking soda (50 g per 1 liter of water) or in warm soapy water with ammonia (1 tablespoon per 1 liter). After that the product should be rinsed with clean water and wipe dry with a soft cloth.


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