Dmitry Shamenkov: Why We Age

The fundamental conclusion is arrived at by Dmitry Shamenkov, it is that cells can live indefinitely when placed in certain conditions of development.

Why adult organism sick, grow old and die, but limit the duration of our life is about 120 years old?

Since the human body interacts operating system - it is our mind, the information from the internal and external environment enters the neuronal cells of the cerebral hemispheres. In the course of her work analyzes the memory stream, forming a sequence of goals for our consciousness.

Based on the hierarchy of objectives, it is synthesized in neurons action program - formed continuously oscillating neural network control individual behavior. action results include specific parameters, which are sent to the analyzer, after treatment in which the original action plan can be adjusted.

Formation of the purposes of the hierarchy is based on two first principles - the survival and enjoyment. In situations where there is danger to life, there is a vegetative body's reaction - a sharp increase in the immune system and blood clotting. With luck, when you manage to survive, the operating system stores these reactions in order to include them in similar situations in the future. The experience starts to condense, and there is a seal of neural networks, with the result that our body becomes more perfect.

The problem is in our self-identity from an early age with its own external observable experience - as soon as he begins to change, there is a threat to life instantly


A key person becomes the dominant strain, and environmental resistance of the existence of reality to make it more comfortable for himself - at the moment the level of emotional stress for most people is very high. Under these conditions, the cell produced resources very quickly, and begin to turn on atypical reaction of the body - as a result of stem cell reserves depleted by the age of 35 years

. We are weaned from childhood to feel your body and listen to its subtle effects, so people today have many organic defects of the body. Trying to change the dominant - for example, deciding to take a relaxing or meditation practices - we actually only increases the voltage level as an act of resistance again produce

. We can directly regulate their respiratory activity - spontaneous and conscious, for it corresponds to two groups of neurons (Example - holotropic breathing). The key to health is to take a life without any resistance and the adoption of the man himself as he is, summarizes Dmitry Shamenkov.


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