How Multiple Sclerosis changed my life. History healing Diane McLaren

"My story began in 1982, when I was in the hospital with unknown diagnosis.

The right side of my body is completely paralyzed - due to paralysis of the face, I could not speak, the rectum and the bladder function were violated, and the right eye is almost never seen ... I ached all

. My doctor was at an impasse.

So I was on the threshold of a great adventure - the way to health took me ten years - then I had no idea that it would spend as much time

. Doctors carried me to a disappointing forecast: recovery was possible only by 50-70%, has been mentioned as the inability to have children, a possible physical disability, disability and so on


In the first few years, I have had time to improve. The doctors have told me that this is the course of the disease, need to get used to this.

The last (and final) crisis came to me in 1992, when for weeks I was not able to drive a car, walk without holding on to the wall, could not get up the stairs, I could not even feed himself, dress.

It was followed by a long and painful months of treatment, when, after a year of work still has not been a noticeable improvement ... so many times I wanted to just throw it all to surrender ... But I did not do this.

I was not thirty, and doctors have put 6 different scary diagnoses - including multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromalgiya. Once I asked a specialist - "But can not there be some connection between these six diseases - I just can not believe that someone could be so doomed ..." - "No, there is no connection. All the way there. »

I experienced all it has to offer Western medicine - medicine treatments, but none of the above did not give long-term results and side effects dokanyvali me

. I thought: "If doctors do not know how to cure me - how can I help herself? How can I be healed? »

I began to look for alternative ways of healing, and has been rewarded.

Frustration and anger led me to Western philosophy, strategies for healthy eating, supplements, visualization, work with your body and many other alternative ways of therapy.

The more I plunged into the subject Psychosomatics, the more I realized how tightly bound my body and my mind.

I said to myself, "One day I was cured." I did not know when and how it will happen, I just believed. The only my longing was to recover and become healthy!

Due to my long fruitful work with nutritionists, herbalists, herbalist, reflexologist, and my self-confidence and strong determination, I live without the symptoms of multiple sclerosis for many years now.

my healing case is not luck - is the fruit of my work on a

. I used visualization technique - I imagined how I looked, felt, if it were healthy. I'm on a diet, taking special supplements, herbs.

I recognize the official medicine - it saves lives - but I also believe that in the treatment of multiple sclerosis is necessary to support the body by natural means, not just reactively troubleshoot symptoms

. ... Today, I play the piano, I have two adult children completely healthy, I travel a lot and know its own wellness center where I help others heal.

For 20 years I did not have any recurrence. Your body has an amazing ability to naturally rebuild and heal itself, just give him the opportunity to demonstrate the full! »

So, the key success factors in this case:

1. Taking responsibility for your own life. Self-healing. The desire and the desire to change themselves.

2. Trust your intuition.

3. Changing the principles of nutrition, herbal medicine, reflexology, dietary supplements, nutraceuticals.

4. Deliberately elected and for the way her method of treatment based concentration and visualization methods to mobilize internal resources of the organism.

5. Change the world.

6. Finding the meaning of life in the spiritual space purposes.


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