As thoughts turn into disease

When we feel tension or depression, we can come and physical symptoms of psychological disorders.

The mind and emotions have great power over the human body, and in some cases can cause a variety of diseases and physical ailments. In this case we are talking about psychosomatic diseases.

In fact, it is very difficult to draw a clear boundary between psychology and physiology of our body and soul are one. Therefore, the problems in the emotional sphere will inevitably impact on our physical health. This relationship is much deeper than we imagine.
Perhaps, already had a situation in your life when you are ill and felt that the disease has been inextricably linked with the experienced emotions.

You thought that your thinking is slowed down and become more withdrawn, closed to external stimuli and less active.

Results from recent studies suggest that peace of mind and physical health are closely linked. This is important as our real being, and then, how healthy we feel.

When we perceive life in a positive way, and our thoughts in order, the nervous system is working smoothly, and our physical condition is improving.

If the chaos and anxiety, our physical health is more vulnerable in our soul. The risk of infection from various diseases. Thus, we can safely say that the nervous tension and depression disorders are emotional sphere, which may be accompanied by physical illness.

As psychological problems turn into physiological
Imagine for a moment a situation that causes you to have tension. Your heart starts beating faster and stronger than usual. You may see the tremor in his hands and the sweat.

Such a reaction of the organism due to the fact that the brain gives our body the command to activate all the processes of life. Something like that we experience during the beginning of the sport.

Unfortunately, it is worth noting one important difference: while our body is in a state of alert, the necessary discharge does not occur. Accumulated energy is not output, and begins to destroy our nervous system from within.

Our arteries and veins that supply blood to the muscles, narrow, because of which the heart has to work harder to pump blood.

What happens then
Imagine a large number of cars that move along a broad highway. But suddenly, the road ends and the cars have to squeeze in a row, leading into a narrow side street. There is a huge traffic jam and the entire highway "stands».

The same thing happens with our body.

Our heart sends more and more blood, but the body tissue is not able to process its amount. If you manage a stressful situation quickly resolved, it is only one unpleasant memory of it remains.

When stress is delayed for a long time and is a great harm is too great, our health.

You also can not ignore the relationship of emotional sphere of a person and his immune system. From the "order in the head," it depends on how strong will be our immune system.

When we experience tension, our immune system instead of harmful viruses and bacteria can begin to deal with their own body .... This force intended to combat external aggressors, directed inward.

In this sense, our mind resembles a processor, and the immune system - anti-virus. When it becomes easy to attack the system with the computer, there are problems, the antivirus stops working properly and any malicious file.

As a rule, there is no weakening of the immune system during a stressful situation, but when all troubles are left behind.

The role of our brain
Do not forget that for all of our thoughts and emotions are hidden by appropriate chemical processes. Behind all this is the hypothalamus region of the brain, which is also responsible for our hormonal sphere.

This small organ intimately affects our mind, whether the memories about the past and present, or assumptions about what awaits us in the future.

Thus, the hypothalamus may at any time convert our bodies in a certain mode, forcing us to act quickly and energetically, or, conversely, to fill us with peace and induce relaxation in those moments when we experience pleasure or want to sleep.

The impact of our behavior
Prior to that, we talked about the direct influence of mind and emotional sphere of our body. But there is another, indirect impact, which is realized by means of our behavior. And it is no less important. Consider a small example:

Each of us had to live through periods of sadness and loss of motivation. Even if you have never experienced depression, some of the emotions you experienced were similar to those that normally accompany a psychological disorder, even if they were not too long and intense.

At such times, we tend to care less about themselves, forgetting about their own needs. Usually, the first thing it affects our food and the food we choose.

We are starting to prefer less useful products that bring quick fun, and start to neglect the more useful, but less "attractive" food for us.

Why do we do this? The fact is that in this way we are trying to restore the equilibrium shattered. Losses and frustration in other areas of life we ​​are trying to compensate for the expense of taste treats.

Unfortunately, the image of a girl who is going through a break in relations with someone sitting on a couch in an embrace with a pillow and a box of your favorite cakes, is quite real.

Of course, such a strategy does not bring any benefit to our health. Her goal - to get the hypothalamus to fill our emotional world a sense of joy and peace, which for some reason we lost. So the behavior we are trying to avoid unpleasant thoughts, although it suffers from our own health.

Unfortunately, often we begin to neglect proper nutrition, not only because of the loss of internal balance, but also because of the sadness that occurs when we lose motivation in life.

If earlier for taking care of themselves were reasonable arguments and persuasion, but now they are relegated to the background, as in your life there were other reasons for concern. This often happens when we are overwhelmed with sadness.

We are becoming more difficult to carry out actions that previously gave us quite easily. We are trying to make life easier. Instead of after work to go for groceries and cook dinner at home, we go to a nearby pizza place, because it requires less effort from us.

The other side of the coin
We talked a lot about how we weaken the negative thoughts and sadness. Of course, there is another side to the coin. The results of several studies carried out have shown that, thanks to the joy and the good mood of our body becomes stronger.

This is both because of our relationship to ourselves, as well as due to chemical processes that occur in our body. In this case, our body better control their condition, it becomes easier to deal with diseases. Also in this we are helped by exercise and a healthy diet.

We recommend that you treat with great attention to his state of mind, because in this way you have a greater help and support throughout your body. Believe me, your health deserves!


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