The space that is created by the soul of each of us

We who live in metropolitan areas, often complain about the bad environment and the main reasons believe industry and transport. We understand, of course, that without the people there has not been, and nod to the owners of factories and cars with murdered fuel system. But it is more serious, and -. The case in all of us

Let's see with the meaning of the word "atmosphere": "atma" - our soul - part of God - the atman (. Sanskrit), and "sphere" - it is the locus of points in space equidistant from a given point. So "AtmAsfera" - space that is created by the soul of each of us. On Earth, in the city, in a house in the business, in relationships.

Initially, we received a gift from God AtmAsfera, the created his soul, and her wonderful nature except not name - and magical sounds, and clear skies and fresh air, and full-flowing rivers, and oceans are abundant. To hold all this luxury for people, too, was given a gift - an innocent pure consciousness. This innocent mind skillfully to enjoy, to love, to be grateful, do not take too much to give. And today?

Man usual daily intake, but more often - his thoughts, his promiscuity, anger, indifference, frustration, protest, demands destroys the harmony of the living God in the inner and outer nature

. Modern science has conclusively concluded that all matter - only compacted energy, so - vibration. The consciousness of modern people, often obsessive chaos, ideas of destruction and capture of resources, produces more difficult degradable toxins and terrible cacophony of uncontrolled negative emotions than beauty and harmony.

Protecting nature - it is very important, but first you need to clean and protect against internal "pest" own soul, that for a man - the most important part of the nature. Outside we can convert only what already belongs to our spirit. So life is given to us to ensure that our thoughts, actions and steps to approach to the problem (A) quency from which one born every soul.

Try at least a few days to take into account what, how and why you think you are doing and why. Start by thinking about myself, about the people close and casual, with which you, for whatever reason, svёl this day. Many anguish that negativity and irritation, which, among other things, we want to - do not want a reset in AtmAsfera

. What to do? Clean yourself - your desires, your emotions, your feelings, your body, your consciousness. Ways are many, but everyone who is ready to become an ecologist of his soul, to find their own ways of purification and transformation, "sewage" and "exhaust". The basis for this challenging process is the attention in time. How do environmental organizations? First, they get a signal about the problem, then collect evidence and investigate, and after - are more likely agreeing ...

Here and people every day - take the habit to protect your and the world from his bad mood, whining, sharp assessments and manifestations of aggression

. Once the network has video massacres of dolphins - all worried and crying, and that every day, people kill the joy and height - this is not the same thing? Illustrations are getting worse, but it seems to us that we do not have to do with it.

We are all - one. And according to the law of conservation of energy - someone allowed himself popsihovat on the road, but somewhere - spring disappeared. Such is the higher logic: the ugly we become, the less the image of the natural harmony of the divine, we are available.

People with high sensitivity, are particularly susceptible to all deprived original nature. I wish each one to become sensitive - then, just for the sake of yourself and your health, many bad habits as a ragged thinking, vanity, improper breathing, anger, laziness, indifference, rudeness want to quit forever. And if parents understand that babies who were born - a subtle sense and even from his mother's bad mood is able to be ill, it would not have been necessary even some arguments to start changing

. Close to some of the people we - well, some - hard. If you have not yet become Text that can change any space quickly, do not force yourself to stay where you feel bad. Look for yourself and your environment. To each his own - the bird - the sky, the fish - pond.

In some spaces, we discover somewhere just want to escape. A recent example of the business. One of these days come in the popular city coffeehouse - chat with friends, and instead enjoy the process, I get a lot of unpleasant effects of space. Under the ceiling half dead wheezing column at me, "spits out" anyone not specifically the selected music. Barista, obviously "out of sorts", puts the cup on the bar, loudly throwing them in a spoon, two waiters remembering what they were hosts, but! - Forgetting the guests loudly discussing their personal lives. Let us add stuffiness, clearly grown old furniture and very dirty windows. About AtmAsfera then forgotten, but, for sure, remember by heart the instructions that are written by those who think only financial indicators. By creating a business, it would be nice to remember that it AtmAsfera - a mirror of the state of the soul of its owner and employees

. Total AtmAsfera city, the country, the entire Earth every second is created by each of us. So, let's start with the fact that we disagree with the ugly in itself, in people, environment, business, products, locations. Trying to change this - you need to take it for granted - it is possible, but to accept: to choose and maintain financial - only hope of future change.

Rivers do not want to waste water! - So why do not interrupt the negative, which pours from the TV or from a companion? Forest fires do not want to, so why allow yourself and your family to burn in the soul, that expensive? Do you have a cat or a dog? - Even just a little animal food, and affection he needs and a kind word, and a simple, clean tray ...

Add to your life attention to everything that is inside and outside. The only way to transform themselves, their own, and thus the overall world. The soul is born and opens his eyes, to love, to shine, warm and happy. And there, staring, and can clear days in the calendar will be more.

© Maria Usacheva


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