Why do adults consider themselves children MORE IMPORTANT?

Mom cooking dinner and calling the family to the table. Mom can tell a child - "Sun go wash pens and eat»

. Pass 5 minutes and no child at the table. And then mom can already say - "I do not understand! What do you generally busy, do not you hear me call you ?! »

And Dad Mom may say so? And Dad Mom?

A child may say roditelyam- "So, quickly go play with me! Immediately! "No, of course. This lack of respect for elders. Where is the respect for the child? Why he can not finish the case and come to dinner? His works are not important!

Or so - whether the children run around and make noise in the cafe? No. If they do that, it's a lack of education. Children in this case interfere with the adults who come to the cafe. But while adults can afford to smoke and swear, in spite of the fact that children are sitting at the next table. But when these kids will run past the screaming "Alyul !!!" will sidelong glances, they say - a horror where parents are watching, we are not on the playground ...

Often I ask myself - why adults consider themselves more important than the children

? But children at this time enjoy life. They have fun, sincere, kindly ... And we tell them - "Poor behaving, can not be so!" Their joy is not important. It is important not to think ill of us ... Educated children are those who sit quietly at the table. Very quiet, tssss and Aunt expel ...

Good. Let us turn to the playground - how often do you see drinking and smoking parents? I often. And I say it too often - "Please do not smoke here .." And I feel uncomfortable, I practically run up to the scandal. Well, this is what I feel. But those whom I ask you not to smoke - parents of children who walk on the court! But the health of these children, and the rest is not important. On the other hand, it becomes important, if the child wants to move down the hill in winter. Cold - cold. Or snow to taste -. Cold, dirty

If your child rides in the subway or bus, and foot blurs aunt, Aunt kill you gaze will defiantly shake oneself and even after your "I'm sorry," she can not rest. But the child has short legs, and they stick out, yes. Stay away, please.

Tutor or teacher shouts at the child. This educational process. Children's emotions are not important. It is important to "convey" information. Tutor or teacher will not be as "communicate" information to you - parents. After all, you're adults, you do not need to hurt. A child can be, he is still a child, great importance.

Mom walks into the elevator, it is neighbor of thirty five packages and bottles of water. He starts to load it all into the elevator, and my mother silently waiting. But here she comes in an elevator with a child who wants to push the button. A neighbor in the elevator is. And my mom, quickly pressing a button, says - "You see, my aunt is waiting for all do not cry, you press on the way back." My aunt is a very important person in this situation

. If google write - "How do we relate to ...", then the answer choices you will be offered such - to people, to nature, to music, to each other. In my opinion, something is missing.

But at the same time, everyone knows and understands that all the problems and complexes of adults are taken from childhood. So whether children are unimportant? Is it more important than adult children?

Author: Alina Aristova


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