Winter Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky

Today - not a very ordinary day. The onset of the Old New Year I remember for a lifetime that it is in this winter's day in 1991, I saw only one in my life active volcano eruption - namely Avachin. However, I have already once wrote (and it was one of my first posts newborn magazine), and today - tradition - I want to show some pictures of everyday winter Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Lying in my party pictures from 2005 comrade Vio, familiar to you on Kamchatka aviapodborkam, so take a look now and you.

We Kamchadals living there, often criticized this city hurl - for the seven-day blizzard February and March, when the week can not see anything outside the window; at the end of May, "flavored" unexpected snow from the cold Pacific cyclone; of detachment from life - and then the Internet was not any; obsharpannost for homes and vremenschitsky lifestyle. But now I not only remember him constantly, but he also often I dream. No city dreams, but he dreams of climbing. After all, there were a lot of good.
Well, where now sing a stunning red fish like there? A normal crab - cook claws and sharp feet in salt water, cut with scissors and pull out the meat? A bike trips to the Cape Lighthouse - on the edge of the earth and the Pacific, which is visible from the hills, bends as Earth? A black submarine, lonely going to Avacha goal, which will have long march? You stand on the precipice of a great majachnoj and breathlessly watching as it goes into the ocean, crossing traverse Cape Stanitskogo. A shikshovye field of volcanoes in Nalychёvo to which you can simply bend down and drink a berry? And the evening ships in the harbor of Avacha Bay, beautifully glowing in dark blue water? Get down to Seroglazka from the eighth and admire them all the time. A homemade volcanoes suddenly clothed in elegant snowy cap for only one August night? And so much more ...
In this series of pictures is not something beautiful, amazing - it's just the usual winter life distant Russian city on the shores of Avacha Bay.


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