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Long wanted to upload photos of their region.
Basically - landscapes with comments.

In Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky now can get only by air.
Flies several airlines flying to Khabarovsk, Vladivostok, Moscow, Novosibirsk, Yakutsk, Magadan
At night, the airport does not work, all flights daily. Regular season for a cordon no.
Upon arrival you will be greeted this landscape.

59 pictures.

Petropavlovsk stands next (35 km) from the "home" volcanoes - Koryak, Avachinskiy, Kozelskiy.
In the photo - Koryak volcano - the height of 3456 m.

Summer in Kamchatka neploho.Temperatura sometimes reaches 28 degrees (in the central part and 35), you can live.
However, it happens that the rain may be charged on the day 4.

In Kamchatka, many rivers and streams - summer fishing izumitelnaya.Ryba simply, naturally,
red - sockeye, chinook, salmon, coho, chum - in short, everything that is called Auchan word salmon.
In the photo - p. Avacha.

In the crater of an extinct volcano Vachkazhets. Here love to carry turistov- Japanese.
In general, tourism in our region wild. As prices at him, and service.
Competent decision - not to act through a travel agency, and through local people.
Golden time to visit - August - September.


Quiet okean.Kupatsya in it cold. However, there are always wishes - first category - walruses - the athletes, the second - pyanye.Temperatura water - degrees 15.

Access to the Pacific Ocean from the Avacha Bay. Cottages in combustion military some shorter ones that are starting to stop,
if without the permission of the boat go out for "Gate».
But you can hang reg. numbers, no one in pursuit not empty for all fuck.

Local natural landmark - the rock "Three Brothers". Stand at the entrance to Avacha Bay, on the right.
Sometimes (in good weather) they can be clearly seen from the plane, the setting for a landing. Need to sit on the starboard side.


I do not remember the name of a rock. Eagle sitting on top)

The sand on the beach - a dark, volcanic. Visitors are often surprised. Many volcanic islands exactly the same.

The beaches we have) But not enough people!



On the right, in the background, see the island Starichkov. Rookery on it, there nests Doha rare and not very species of birds.

Grounded few years ago, a diesel submarine. Contact her cocks history - such as metal would pass, but stranded seated. Now removed, three years as.

Port cranes. Port in Petropavovske not very big.
It used to be a sea passenger transport to Vladivostok,
there were large passenger liners. Now this is not, as the sea port,
which was demolished two years ago (before age 10 was boarded up).
Demolished, because we often shakes, and it could collapse at any minute - dilapidated.
Once upon a time there was a wonderful restaurant "Ocean", they say even that sang there someone known later immigrants.
Anybody, it seems I may be wrong.

In the background - Volcano Vilyuchinsky, it also can be seen from the city.

In recent years, we have surfers began to appear. Wave surfing is, however, not everywhere.

Just stones. Watersports.

The same "salmon." Chinook, 14 kg. I'm not a fisherman, so I will not lie, that caught her lichno.Kupil from poachers, as do here mnogie.V some years, due to its small numbers, sometimes it generally prohibit fishing.
However, the market it is always)) But more profitable to take directly from these lovely people - it is cheaper. There are instances of 30 kg but for a family of 2-3 people is, quite frankly, dohuya.Kotlety and dumplings with the fish - just super.
Well, with the head turns fucking ear.

Steller sea lions have - are frequent visitors. Every year in spring (and not only) can be seen in several of their favorite mestah.Nekotorye idiots try to approach them closely to zaebashit bitching "bow", not realizing at the same time, which can end all pechalno.Mestnye environmental authorities have fenced off their piece of the beach and installed a webcam, stupid ass to teach it to hurt animals.

More animals


And yet

Once, three years - four years ago in the main square of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky was here such here show. Cooked in the pan nevebennom ear.
It turned out the way badsome.

Rookeries are also available. Once, while walking near the sea-okiya, saw that's just such pernatyh.Nazvanie - force - kind of - a subspecies not znayu.Byla crazy idea've stole their eggs, but felt sorry for the birds.

And at us when exactly nehuy do, you can go to several vulkan.Vot foto.Obychno it should be done in August - totally snow coming from the nearby volcanoes only for this month, and the rise is more komfortnym.Kak usually all go to Avachinskiy volcano. The height of only 2,741 meters, the rise is not too slozhnyy.I if you really have not procuration and probuhali your health, then climb without any problems.
Particular attention should be paid the same shoes and take with them warm clothes, gloves and a hat - because the bottom can be 20, and the top may be all of a sudden a fucking snow. A few photos from last year, see.


Patchy light rise in general. But the face is better not to click - "You're not plain," as sung Vladimir Semenovich.

Road to the clouds ... - also someone singing)


This place is called "saddle" - the angle is not very good, the rock on the left does not look like a saddle.


I'm still on the Jam You volcanoes?
Here it is, the vertex. There all lezut.Kstati there stinks terribly gray - because many fumaroles. Fumarole - it is such a hole in the volcano, where ebashit smelly gas.
Not long sniff rekomenduetsya.A more if you touch the ground on top - it tёplaya.Koroche saying a fucking may at any time))

This neighboring volcano - Koryak, though a bit on the side. First Fotov topic - too on.Tuda without mountaineering skills better not go.
But who the fuck is stopped?)) In 95 there left and did not return two students have gone if I do not change in October (this is fucked up),
were shod with shoes. Although this October no longer important. And have not found them.

This squirrel, animals such. At the foot of volcanoes them very much. Live in burrows and tourists pussy havchik.Mozhno feed from your hand.

Winter ... But we fucking farmer does not triumph. Because sometimes falls asleep snow very well. See for yourself. Photos of different years, made after the blizzard.



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