Boiler room "Kamchatka" (19 photos)

Club Museum "Kamchatka" - is the legendary St. Petersburg boiler, best known for her work in the legendary rock musician Viktor Tsoi, which became a place of pilgrimage for his fans.

Walking on Peter can be seen on the wall a poster

Entering the yard, you begin to realize the significance of this place for lovers of Russian rock. That monument erected fans of Viktor Tsoi

All the walls are decorated with autographs of numerous pilgrims and famous, "Choi alive!»

Here input

First of all, "Kamchatka" - it's a club, and therefore there is a scene

and seats for spectators. By the way, the tables were written the lyrics of "Cinema»

And of course the "Kamchatka" - it is a museum. That is the furnace in which Choi threw coal from 1986 to 1988

Of course it is no longer used, but the gauge continues to measure something. In this photo visible Guitar acquired Viktor Tsoi in the 70-ies

The three-liter thermos, which went for a beer Viktor Tsoi, Aleksei Rybin, Andrei Panov "pig" and other

Then a few pictures of the interior

Above the portrait of Choi see a sign with the location - it is a gift from the club visitors at this location used to be a famous Leningrad Rock Club

Fitting for musicians



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