No one knows how to: Your life - your solutions

During personal disasters we may be confused, confusing, heartsick and lost faith in yourself. As if the deep trust and relationship with them was lost. We cease to see, hear, understand and glupeem eyes. What's happening? Why is that? What do I do?

At this point, it would be desirable for someone to lean on. To someone important, intelligent and adult I told what was happening, assessed the situation, and said that I do now. We are looking for an expert.

Someone is an expert in a mother or an older friend, someone goes to the fortune-tellers, astrologers, someone has for this purpose the great teachers and established contacts with the Indian guru and someone decides to take advantage of the latest achievements of psychology and goes to coaches, psychologists, coaches.

If the "expert prosharenny", he will not give advice, so as not to court the responsibility for your life and your decision. The specialist will also help you understand yourself to this relationship with them, understanding and trust yourself again emerged.

Over the noise of others' votes, while in anxiety and stress, communication with them, with his deep wisdom, with their knowledge, experience and desires, with the other, who knows and can do everything myself - really hard to keep


In most cases we do not need an expert in some area (because who knows our lives and our business better than we do?), And the person at the time of communication with which the noise of voices fades in the head, the connection with a restored, and we gain a clear picture of what is happening. < br>
Even if this picture is not happy and it clearly shines through what we did their best to hide from yourself, it is clarity itself makes it possible to consciously make a decision. And the main thing to know that it's mine, and right for me.

No one knows how to. Not take all the risks themselves. In matters of private life, there is only one expert. and it is you.

Author: Irina Dybov


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