Edit posture: what to do to not displaced vertebrae

His head down, shoulders hunched, flabby body, flail gait, an extinct eyes, constant fatigue, emotional emptiness, stress, lack of goals, discord in the life and family - this is not a complete description of the qualities of the modern human

. Such a condition results in a huge number of factors, one article just do not tell. Consider just one case, the foundation of our physical body, spine and its position - the correct posture


Why is curvature of the spine?

While in the womb, the child is in a fetal position for 9 months. After the birth of the baby is necessary to help the body to straighten, straighten sustavchikov, gently pull the muscles and tendons. It is also necessary to make every day a child exercises for stretching and strengthening the body. Somebody did so?

When the time comes and the child sits on a chair, someone thinks - what should be the height of this very piece of furniture, to correct posture is maintained in a natural position? In kindergarten, school, college kids of different heights are sitting at the tables of the same height. Office furniture all over the world also has a common, highly undervalued standard height and soft comfortable chairs contribute to "a slew" of the spine is already an adult.

Kitchen furniture, upholstered furniture in the house, car seats, seats at cinemas, cafes and public transport - all contribute to spinal deformity, displacement of internal organs, the destabilization of the work systems of the body, stupefying consciousness. From birth and until now every man for many years, day after day, his body deformed.

There are ways, which together with the work on yourself, to help you straighten yourself. It is important to understand - to straighten the joints and vertebrae are only a small part of the process, it is necessary to train the muscle-tendon corset to these same vertebrae are not shifted. Typical exercises in the gym or yoga, you do not.

Task 1. standing

Stand under the wall with your feet shoulder-width apart and feet parallel to each other. Press the heel against the wall (the angle between the floor and the wall 90 degrees, there is no plinth). Next, press the wall caviar legs and pelvis. Next - it is necessary to press the shoulders and shoulder blades, and for this they need to be put right

. Touch your fingertips to shoulders, elbows pinch ourselves, lift up, roundabouts them apart along the wall and raspryamte hands down, the shoulders at the same time keep in the same "inside-out" condition. If done correctly, it exercises its plane blades nestle on the wall, and the plane formed from the chest to the shoulders. The very same chest will turn the wheel.

Next point of contact with the wall - neck. It also has its own quirks. Imagine that the crown is attached to the thread for which you raise, stretch in this direction without taking the nape of the wall, and a foot from the floor. To ensure the correct formulation of the head in this position - pick up a fist, put his little finger in the hole between the collar bones, and bent index finger, place the chin

. To summarize: the wall touching the heels, calves, hips, shoulder blades and neck. Keep your body stretch from head up and feet down, and feel the tension in the back of the head, look at the same time striving to be right. The deflection of the spine in the lower back will increase the stomach itself slightly retracted.

This is the result that, when straightening the lungs and internal organs are lifted into place. The light is not enough hunched able to place in the chest, they sink down, pressing the internal organs, which are shifted forward and to the sides. Right to become a wall - it's just part of the job

. Now pull your body up and down and are in such a state only 10 minutes every morning, just 40 days. Moving away from the wall, continue to walk and stand in the same condition throughout the day. After a few days your body will relax in this position.

As a result of this exercise, you:
a) standing by the wall will know exactly what should be the posture and be able to play its power of muscle memory at any time, anywhere;
b) enable the work of the stabilizing muscles and tendons (in sports, physical training, bodybuilding, fitness, and so they do not develop) by pulling the whole body;
c) develop the habit to maintain a correct posture.

Task 2. Sitting at the table

Sit on a stool so high that the angles in places fold the foot and ankle, knees, hips, spine accounted for 90 degrees. Both feet are on the floor parallel to each other. The upper part of the body and keep the tension as in the standing position against the wall. Table height was adjusted so that it was not possible to slouch.

Following these simple steps, you will be surprised at the simplicity and convenience of this situation. It does not matter, you're sitting at the computer or at the kitchen table. Pay attention to the thrones of the kings, princes, benches and tables of people just a few centuries ago. Pictures in Google and exhibits in museums give a hint.

Task 3. The position of sitting in a car seat

Often being behind the wheel or in the passenger seat, you deformiruete spine in accelerated form. But you can significantly reduce the detrimental effects of civilization and reverse the process. After the first two tasks, feel the position of the body in the car and by manufacturing a few pads as possible Seat yourself in a position, both on the stool.

To do this, you need to be on their own to make the lining of the materials at hand, may have to be put under the buttocks of a thin pillow. The position of the back, and the backing must keep your back relaxed to the maximum right position. Enclose under lumbar deflection empty plastic bottle, volume 1, 5 liters and feel the difference immediately.

To understand the correct posture when sitting in the car, take a few lessons of riding a horse. Your body itself will take the natural right position, otherwise you will not be in the saddle.

Enter the position of the body in your lifestyle and the results will surprise you.


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