The syndrome of delayed life

"That's when I grow up, then start the real life" - such a phrase in different variations hear almost every day from people who are going to live life to the full, when it's your circumstances. "I Lose weight pohorosheyu, be happy", "earn money now, and then I will feel worthy of man", "Head of the Family, then everything will work out in my life", "retire, can finally live in peace", and etc .

Divorced, broke up, go to work, meet love, head of the lover, buy a house, a car, an apartment, build a summer residence, move to another city, and I will be a great happiness. Will not be. Great happiness is not related to external circumstances, because they are just a nice addition (from time to time, an essential complement) to what is already inside you. If you do not know how to appreciate what they have hardly will manage to do it so that it would be. If you do not know how to be happy in what is already offered your life, you can not do that, and then when you get the desired.
The syndrome of delayed life - a disease of modern civilization. The minds of many people live far away in the future (or the past, but this is about getting stuck in the unclimbed lessons leave this topic beyond the scope of this post). Get rich, get up on your feet, be happy, do your body, build a relationship, but do it sometime later, now is no time. Life is kind of like, you know? I would like to do something worthwhile and the like, but does not work because the "work-kids-liability-specific living conditions, dysfunctional family."
Twenty years of work without a vacation, not really paying attention to their spiritual development, health, and relationships with loved ones, people 40-50 years is not very well-functioning body, worse functioning relationships and a deep internal crisis. For what and where to run, then all these years? Machine buy an apartment, house? type to provide children? Yes, children need much more parental love and attention to their problems than the father or mother, disappearing round the clock at work.
Children need access to adult experience, their wisdom. Children need support, children need the presence of parents in their lives. But the presence of an adequate, healthy, adequate presence. Not exhausted, hysterical mothers, children break on all their frustration, not tired and depressed fathers aggressively expressing their position, children need parents-teachers. Spiritually mature, physically healthy, the most common adults nearby. With mature adult reactions to events in your life. The family should be a support environment for everyone who lives in it. How will adults with adequate saomootsenkoy and ideas about life, if the majority of children grow up in families where the parents are not used to develop and work on yourself? Above the children to work - it please, but do not touch me, I wise and know how to live.
I think that all this is happening because we are not used at all in any way reflect on the meaning of life. Run, run like a squirrel in a cage, we achieve far-fetched results, creating an attractive appearance, not much caring about what's inside. We live dreams of the future, it does not know how to draw lessons from this. Yes, after the release of the person the school is waiting for a college or university, but this does not mean that he should live only thought of the fifth grade that will go through six years in university, and these years somehow hold, we would have quickly passed, Yes? But it's six years of life !!! Yes, it is the university, we have that in mind, prepare for it, but we live here, we live the student life, because this period of life will never be repeated, we must live it for what it is, try to get the maximum benefit from it.
You do not have a loved one, what? Sitting and crying that I want to marry, or marry? So rejoice, life gives you the opportunity to better prepare for the meeting. Grow, develop, explore the topic of relations, increase your level of expertise, but be in the present. Communicate more with friends and friends, meet new people, engage in health, work, look for yourself, and your man will surely come one day. And in what sense to send a normal person you if you sit on the ground and as a great bore endlessly repeated, that want relationships. All in good time, each fruit should ripen. What's more, the house was not completed, the money is not earned, for the purpose of life is not defined? Until a few years, and still prefer their health, hobby, something else, and is not up to it. Well, and if your life will end sooner than you can do it all? What a waste of precious years of it? What else? Rest when retire, will build relationships that will earn money? Oh, all this nonsense.
If you have something to really want to get, then you need to start with in order to maximize the benefit of today's life circumstances. There is no need to postpone the life of tomorrow, it is too fleeting. Take your last, to think about tomorrow, but live in today. To live as full a life as possible in your current reality. Inside every man there is a whole world, and if we begin to bring it into order, then all external pleasure will begin to help you much. There are people to live, and those who are going to live, who are you?
Every moment we die and are born again, every moment is fraught with great beauty of life, each meeting brings amazing discoveries. A look around and yes, too. Sky won some nice people some very good, the body is alive and healthy, thanks to life for all of this. Accept with gratitude that there is, and not to shift the responsibility for their own happiness on some of the circumstances where the future.
"Dance as if no one sees you, sing as if no one hears you, love like you've never been hurt, live as if heaven is already on earth ..ยป
Author: Dean Richards


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