Pygmalion effect: self-fulfilling prophecy

Have you noticed that you can often anticipate how the relationship will develop or what the outcome of any enterprise? You'd be surprised, but it may not be in your stunning intuition, and ... self-fulfilling prophecy!

Yeah, you know in advance that this man is not interested in you! And well aware that the child does not pass the exam. And the chief of you not praise for the excellent performance of tasks. Oh, it seems you are - clairvoyant ?!

No and no again. The special gift is silence. The thing is that you ... you predicted this or that version of events. And the universe slipped you something that you've been waiting. They expected that the husband starts to change - and here he is in bed with another woman. They expected that the girlfriend will not appreciate your new outfit - and here she curls her lips, and hints at the lack of flavor you

. This phenomenon is called the Pygmalion effect, or Rosenthal (by surname of the scientist who discovered it). And by the way, it works not only in everyday moments, but even in science. For example, if the experimenter waits for a certain result, driving the atoms in a centrifuge, then most likely he will get him. Strange? You bet!

It turns out that self-fulfilling prophecy - this kind of thing that can either doom you to a complete failure, or give unexpected success. Here is an example. If you seriously think that your appearance and mental abilities, to put it mildly, below average, you can look in vain for years for a soul mate. Even with the red diploma. Even winning the beauty contest. Your belief is stronger than its unattractiveness of objectivity.

But if you came to the company from college, sincerely believe that a half-year will be able to head it, you can easily beat the competition to the chair boss. Your faith in their own strength dictates the style of behavior, thus changing attitudes of others to you as a result - you achieve your

. How to use the Pygmalion effect? ​​

To begin with let us recall the legend of Pygmalion and Galatea. Remember how the antique sculptor Pygmalion hewed from the marble statue of the girl, and fell in love with her. And very much like her to come to life and become his wife. Good gods fulfilled his request. Galatea turned out to just be a dream of Pygmalion, and not only in appearance but also in character. This, he came up with ...

Think of your future! So, how do you want it to be. I sincerely believe that you and your husband will live happily ever after, and you will not get any infidelity. What your children can become successful and self-sufficient. What are your plans come true.

Say, it is difficult? It interferes with the internal installations and complexes? Try to replace them with affirmations. For example, if, proceeding to an important matter, you have every time catch myself thinking: "I do not have time, I'm so sluggish!" And replace it with another: "I still have time to in time, I will succeed"
A bit about the Israeli army ...

And in the end - yet another interesting experiment, which is held in the Israeli army. The exercise soldiers had to make a forced march. One group of military called the true length of the route (30 km), the second call to a number on the 10 km and the third - two times longer than it actually is - 60 km. As a result, a group that seriously believes that it is necessary to overcome the 60 km, come to finish the latest. What does this mean? Yes, that seems to us the more difficult obstacle, the more likely that we can not cope with it. Those difficulties that we come up with in your mind become a reality.

And finally - on fortunetellers

And it is quite in the end I would like to ask you ... do not go to fortune-tellers! And if go, then to those who promise you wealth in the future, a lot of love and no problems.


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