Vadim Zeland: Dangerous than talk about health with friends and family

Everyone at least once in your life something sick. The disease creates a lot of trouble and anxiety for a person generates negative thoughts and emotions, which are emitted into space. This energy is fertile ground for the development of pendulum-related diseases. They are always very well absorb the negative energy.

Pendulums generated diseases are among the most powerful. It is first up to the diseases and epidemics. In opposition to him are all kinds of pendulums medicine. Imagine how powerful this structure! Hospitals, health centers, institutes, factories, pharmacy, science, education ...

The declared aim of the pendulums medicine - disease control. In fact, this struggle generates a lot of negative phenomena inherent destructive pendulums, because their main goal - to keep and attract followers


For example, the official medicine is hostile to all non-traditional (ie not belonging to it) treatments. Criticism of outdated or misconceptions when it comes from quackery adherents, will be declared unscientific. Any new treatments, he owned, will be met by an extremely unfriendly. Proponents of non-traditional methods, in turn, is not averse to occasionally throw a stone in the garden of the orthodox.

A person who is under the influence of pendulums disease or medicine, can not return to the state of health of his youth - a time when issues related to health, could hardly care. You did not attach any importance to this and just do not pay attention to your health, because it does not bother you. Accordingly, the energy radiation is not included pendula frequency of disease.

With age, you gradually to some extent be influenced by pendulums. Radiating energy at these frequencies, you give them energy, fall into addiction and move on painful life line. Therefore, for the acquisition of the former health must first free themselves from the bonds with them.

This means not to let an information from the pendulum and not to take part in their games, that is, the failure to apply the method. If you are seriously concerned about the disease, you need to play the game Treatment and care of your body, then it is quenching method.

Consider a few examples of the behavior of pendulums diseases.

Advertising of medicines every day shows you lucky people who have taken a certain drug and therefore get healthy. Why are there health, they achieve complete success in all cases. Tempting bait. It works flawlessly, since, as we have already discussed, most people live in a semi-conscious state.

In your brain is put the program: "Go to the pharmacy, take medication and receive the award - a full order in all things." But it's not so scary. In this advertisement lies another, deeper, hidden program.

Consider this: in advertising, as a rule, show quite normal, even attractive and successful people. (And what are you worse?) All these people are sick with something, but quickly recover from the drugs taken. (And you do the same!)

We all drummed into the consciousness and the subconscious that we are prone to disease, are already ill or will soon become ill. And many accept these rules of the game.

This is not declared, and the true face of a destructive pendulum. His task is not to cure people from illnesses, and to make their follower, that is, to convince that he is sick and has to take medication.

Another interesting method of attracting adherents - forecasts of adverse weather conditions. The basis is the information on the magnetic storms, atmospheric pressure fluctuations and other adverse factors. (Note that all these phenomena occur in one degree or another almost every day.) Based on these data, the forecast is based: who, what diseases today or tomorrow will be in difficulty

. It's funny to listen to once or twice as much as the pendulum chokes, listing all sorts of disease and the inevitable consequences for their owners. But then it becomes scary. Can you imagine what a destructive program is laid in the consciousness of the already unhealthy people? Listen to like, so you might think that it is better not to leave the house or go to bed right away in a drawer. Of course, the adverse factors affect health, but why myself initially configure it?

But many, especially the elderly, listen to these outpourings of the pendulum and advance up the program itself ailments and exacerbations, by the verdict.

These forecasts represent a sample of a brazen and cynical desire to subjugate the people of the pendulum to its influence.

Well, the most classic story - talk about health with friends and family. As a general rule, calls are not conducted on health promotion and on diseases and their treatment. One enthusiastically describes how he is busy with their sores, and the second readily grunts in response - yes, he says, Getting On

. Members of such communication actively emit energy at a frequency of pendulums diseases. This energy is contagious as well as disease-causing microbes. Avoid such communication, or do not notice, like go to a radiation frequency of the disease.

Identify disease pendulum is very simple - it lures you with information about diseases and their treatment. If you choose to ignore this information, that is, turn a deaf ear, do not take lightly, the pendulum will be discouraged and will leave you alone - this is his failure. If you find this information healthy laughter and derision, the pendulum terrified rush away from you - it is quenching

. After parting with the disease pendulums, you get complete freedom, but it can not last long. That's how people that he needed to be an adherent of what some pendulums. Therefore, sooner or later you will run the risk of once again fall under their influence.

To avoid this, you need to get out of the suspended state, joining the pendulums recovery. They head of everything that is connected with the strengthening of body and spirit. Become a supporter of a healthy lifestyle and you will understand how this joyful and exciting compared with the dull and painful struggle with illness.

It is obvious that if a person is busy taking care of their well-being, it emits energy at a frequency of healthy lines and therefore it is not to the disease. Thus, you see that there are two completely opposite way of life: the treatment of diseases and health care. Obviously, in relation to diseases related to the first inner intention, and the second - to the outside. You choose your lifestyle.

© Vadim Zeland


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