Poor thinking - danger to life!

From childhood, we are taught not to do bad things: do not swear, do not fight-not steal, do not lie, etc.

But for some reason, from childhood we are not taught that one should not think badly.

You may ask: "And what if no one knows except us what thoughts in our head?┬╗

The answer is simple - these thoughts lay the algorithms of our actions, being at the same time and the initiators. In other words, the idea - the beginning of everything

. And that's why you need to learn to think correctly and monitor running in your head thinking process. The rest, as they say, will follow. And this is very important, especially for you. It is important to monitor your thoughts constantly. Otherwise, they will control you, guiding my path.

The ability to put things in order in his head and keep it clean always, and not in some kind of day of the week - aerobatics, bringing happiness and satisfaction with their own lives
. So everything is very simple. But only for those who really feel about or believed in something that is not all thoughts swarming in my head - yours and that thoughts can actually be to manage and lead, guiding them in the right direction for you
. Most unfortunately, believes that everything is happening in his mind, there was only one boss - the owner of this very physical head. He - a skilled master of all human life. And all the difficulties, troubles and minor mischief, often occurring on the way - it's wiles and tricks of Sinister living around, and even tricks of fate
. Then, without losing precious time, be sure to read only to those who understand that the thought - this is very serious, powerful, unknown to the end, but at the same time giving in management thing.
Ok, let's start.
Surely in your life cases, these are times when a bad mood clouded everything around when downright smothered resentment, anger, anger, envy, resentment. But it is also certainly were state when you want to hug the whole world happy every detail, seen in everything but good. Do you understand that those and other situations were born just in your head? What developments step by step followed the development of your thoughts?
Morning. Monday. You wake up not themselves (sweet stretching and looking enthusiastically at the window, looking forward to a good, productive day), but from an alarm clock. Wake up with the idea that we should get up and go again to this hateful job that no one wants to do anything, head forever all displeased to pay a penny, and even get there or in crowded public transport or push in a traffic jam on the machine. And there you just not interested, but need money to live! And you now, on Monday morning, lying in bed, "in anticipation of" all events, thinking, "Lord, soon be passed this week, likely to output" In the evening, by the way, it can be stated that the day was a success again.

Let's start with your application for the weekend approaching. You realize that ask to shorten their lives? His single, unique life ?! Think about it. It may be better to change jobs?
Further. What you, as it turned out, "foresee" all the troubles of the day, is a totally different name. This is not foresight - this programming. Starting on the implementation mechanism in all life that draw thoughts in your mind. Just one dirty little thought, nowhere grafted on waking, has launched a stream of negative thoughts that portray various negative situations. Just one thought has opened the door to your head like an avalanche of thoughts on the direction.
And where did it come from? You may need it "presented", and you have accepted, not even noticing it. This may occur after you view a movie before bed advertised. There's such thoughts - a dime a dozen. Enough for the week ahead, and not just until the morning. Pay attention to what's going on in his head after the evening views of the majority of modern films. You will not in itself of such a huge amount of negative thoughts, causing a flurry of negative emotions. You will realize that fell under the influence of hatred, resentment, fear, envy, frustration, and they begin to take precedence over you, gradually moving into your life. Do you really want it?
There is another option that you have missed the idea, do not recognize it as the instigator of future troubles. Loopholes for such thoughts is a potential willingness to condemn the tyrant-chief, cursing the clumsy passenger stepped on the foot, povozmuschatsya government action, well, etc.
In general, once whatever - the mood for the whole day is spoiled. And hence all the resulting consequences.
We have tested a completely sitautsiyu everyday, repeating the very, very often. Surely, everyone got into it, cursing it for anything in the world, and stayed in a vicious circle of ignorance and powerlessness to change anything.
But now, reviewing the situation and realized what was happening, we can not act in the darkness of ignorance, and in the line of knowledge. Now that we know the enemy in the face, we would be incredibly easy to cope with it.
It remains for us to formulate an algorithm of thinking, in which a person he really is absolutely consciously builds his life.
First of all, we must learn to filter the information supplied, the tracking is that it awakens in you, what makes you think.
It is necessary to give up watching or listening to negative information, nothing of value is not a carrier for you, but just contaminating the brain. Much better to occupy the mind at its discretion, selecting clearly useful, creative, developmental information. Remembering that "an idle mind - the devil's workshop," more than read, watch and listen to what is causing your joy and positive emotions, what motivates you to learn and grow both spiritually and physically
. A very important point! If you start to practice everything written in the previous paragraph, then be prepared for the fact that negative thoughts do not just disappear out of your head, and more and more active, strengthen his attack. At this stage it is important to understand that they can not be eliminated, they can only skip, ignore, or replace the positive. How to do it?
Explains on the example
Are you in a good mood with a smile and you go in the chief's office to report on time to the job, and he suddenly breaks down like a dog with a chain and almost with his fists begin to humiliate and insult you for what your fault is not present. Previously, obeying well learned by rote patterns, you would have shown him his possession word arguing, justifying and proving the opposite, at the same time upset at least for a day, thereby skipping an entire army of negative myslishek with all its consequences.
Now we change the thinking and behavior of the algorithm!
In response to the violent boss replica mentally wished him good and joy, as it currently does harm to himself. And if you're on the move it is difficult to forgive and understand, you can use a ridiculous ridiculous Association: imagine him in his shorts riding on a donkey, a flock of geese customize their cry. Try to not only laugh, "not to add fuel to the fire." Try it and you will see how simple it is - not to succumb to outside stimuli, when your thoughts are under your control
crisp! Whenever you feel that bad thoughts creep up to you, just switch to something positive, do not wait, when there will be spoiled mood and tears, act before the birth of the situation, and then no one and nothing can affect your life and expand its unnecessary in your direction.

To learn how to control your thoughts, bringing this process to a fully automated, requires practice, practice and practice again. And should definitely pay attention to the attention activity. It is very important to keep their attention on the selected site as long as possible, avoiding in his head any thoughts. Most concentrate on something good, look good everywhere and in everything (poor, unfortunately, the eye itself strikes).
Remember, anything that can ruin your life, is only in your head, so let's try to keep it invisible under the control of the content!
Author: Suren Ohanyan


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