6 signs that you are lying

Trust - is a fundamental part of any serious relationship. If your man seems to be the best in the world, and you have never been so happy, you should not worry if he is completely honest with you.

But you still need to know the signals that suggest that a person has something to hide.

Let's be honest: they lie, both men and women, but even a white lie does not justify anyone. Honesty is vital in a relationship.

Some people - just the serial liars when nothing can not help it. It's like a relationship, and the lie can be about something very innocent. Nevertheless, this is a bad trend.

1. The long, tangled history. If you suspect a person of cheating, pay attention to the way he tells his stories. Lies remember complicated, because if he repeatedly said the same thing, you may notice slight differences and discrepancies in the details.

2. Too much detail. At the other extreme - when a person is trying to make their lies believable as possible, pririsovyvaya her too many details. If this is not usually characteristic of a person, and then he tries to fill up your details - likely he is trying to divert suspicion from himself and convince you that was not

. 3. Body language: a person begins to visibly nervous, irritated, when you update him something suspicious about his story. If you have previously caught him in a lie, you'll notice the same behavior.

4. Eye contact. According to studies, when a person is lying, he often looks away - usually upwards and to the right. While some on the contrary prefer to look straight in the eyes, supposedly trying to make sure that he believe in his lies.

5. "white lie" or a lie for the good. A person who is prone to lie - even in small things, even to make you a better, more relaxed, and tell lies in something more serious

. 6. He needed more privacy. Can you really put pressure on him too, spend too much time together and react negatively when he goes for a walk with friends. Then the person can begin to lie, that he delayed at work, for example, just to be alone and do what he wants, and is not necessarily criminal. He just really need personal space. But if your relationship is a situation that he has to lie for the sake of this - this is a dangerous signal.


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