The story about the man who received the face in the Metro

I'm going to the subway. I looked, stared at me some guy, very young, seemingly intelligent. Somewhere I've seen him. Do not look at me unblinkingly. Severely so. Suddenly he comes to me and I do not have time to react somehow - backhand hits me in the face with his fist

. I instinctively grab him by the lapels, and suddenly it starts to wrinkle and short-sighted to mutter: "Oh! Oboznalsya. You'll excuse me. I have mixed with one jerk. The person you somehow familiar, that's messed up. I apologize. Fair. Well ... like, hit me. I even will not resist. »

Bump? It would be necessary, but ... somehow the hand does not rise. I place freed. Sel. An entrance hall, because it hurts attached, bastard. The guy next turns. Gunda, asks:

"You just do not call the police. Today I first set off in college, if not I offered - I vyprut. We'll have to run from the army. »

I promise not to call. He thanks happily grind nonsense about the girl its about the fact that just because of her studies scored, the lectures did not show up for three months, and the Department had a difficult ... And the more idle talk, the more I grimly, knowing ... mine is a student Ladder and I was going to take ... »


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