1794 - the anti-Russian uprising in Poland. After centuries of greatness is difficult to put up with nothingness. All the same, and the Knights of Grunwald drove, and how to Rzeczpospolita, the largest state in Europe were. But when something ends. Part of Speech after the two sections 1772 and 1793 (and is still the final in 1795) went to Russia.
Tadeusz Kosciuszko did not agree with this state of affairs strongly. As well as the nobles had joined him. However, the skills acquired Kosciuszko during the war for the independence of the North American colonies, the home did not work. Organize - not to fight in the open field, and push the speeches that Moscow had experience preizryadny. In general, they strangled the uprising, Kosciuszko planted (which is still quite amazing, it can and let flow with a suitable formulation). And until 1918, Poland, as an independent state, ceased to exist ...

1801 - Killed Paul I. Was he a tyrant and madman on the background of other members of the Romanov dynasty, what it represented for a long time ? Who knows ... It is unlikely, there is the whole little family in these times would be bad for the therapist to join. But that began to cool her mother's orders to break - it is a fact. But to abandon the usual - not in the habits of the Russian nobility. Here and banged

1882 - Robert Koch managed to isolate the infamous wand. While tuberculosis seriously mowed the European population and the discovery of the causative agent of the disease was a serious step on the way to victory over the disease. Although serum he was not able to create, for their achievements and discoveries in the field of treatment of tuberculosis Koch deservedly won the Nobel Prize in 1905.
Adding that his achievements in the field of microbiology were not limited to the opening of the sticks. They also were isolated Vibrio cholerae and anthrax

1898 -. Sale of the first cars in America. Robert Allison Winton bought for $ 1,000. By the way, at the time it was made only 4 car ...


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