15 of the impeccable style of Christian Dior

Dior worked in the distant '50s, but his advice still relevant today. Master made a small revolution: he restored the elegance of women after the heavy war years, and asked the world style, in which he continues to exist today

Website is the lessons of Christian Dior, which formed the basis for the classic. style rules

. «Elegance - it is always easy» «I am against overly fancy models that are created purely for the sake of attracting. public attention. Maybe they're interesting, but the elegance here does not smell. Beauty can be a little daring, but if courage goes to the hype - this is bad taste. "

«Quality - is the basis of the style» «you are buying ready-made clothes or sew, choose the best quality materials, how much. budget allows. It is better to have one good, well made dress than two bad »

« The ability to dress rests on three pillars -. Simplicity, good taste and habit to look after themselves - and it is quite not expensive » elegant woman -. not one that follows fashion blindly. If new ideas do not suit you, do not pay attention to them «Accessories - our everything». <. /In the guise of well-dressed women play a crucial role accessories. The less you allow yourself to spend on the dress, the more thoughtful Treat the choice of accessories. Complementing the same dress in different accessories, you can easily change the image

«Pink -. It gently. A gray -. It is not boring " Dior had two favorite colors - gray and pink. Something rose in the wardrobe is useful to have everything. It is the color of happiness and femininity. But if a pink trim, gray is absolutely universal. If you want to hide some of the figures, choose darker shades if, on the contrary, stress, wear lighter

«Underwear -. A pledge of confidence, and without it you can not be stylish. » ul>« elegance must be all the more that are not paraded. " Your underwear must be excellent quality. In this case, an extremely important psychological factor. You will not be able to feel confident in the most luxurious dress, knowing that underneath it is not as luxurious linens. Beautiful lingerie - the basis of high-style «

« Flowers -. It is the most beautiful gift of God the world after the woman » ul>« Flower. belt, lapel, or in the cut - and that's all around have a holiday. I'm not talking about floral patterns, without which I simply can not imagine any of his collection. »

«Too much attention to the shoe does not happen!» «Many people think that shoes are not so important, but present proof of elegance girls - this is what you are wearing on her feet
« If you have crooked legs -. wear a deep neckline » worth highlight their best features. Examine yourself. Try to understand what suits you and what does not. Understand their needs. Find the colors and patterns that favorably emphasize your beauty. < And most importantly, "beauty without identity is not pleasing to the eye»

«My dream - to save women from nature». «women are most attractive at the age of 35 to 40. And since few women emerge from 40 years of age, attractiveness peak can last forever».

< «Spirits can tell about a woman more than her handwriting» ul>. «Perfume - is unsurpassed shade female identity, is the final touch image»

«you are dreaming of a ball gown, while men dream about a woman in a ball gown ...» toilet lifts the mood better than any champagne. In it you become a feminine, sensual and gentle, graceful.

«individuality and eccentricity - different concepts». absurdities. The absurdity in terms of style - it is a huge straw hat combined with a cloak. Cloak on evening dress. Sports shoes with a dress for a cocktail. High heels and sports pants. Velvet late spring. Lace with tweed. Too often women forget that the most extravagant image should be laid out. Fantasy model, maybe interesting, but the elegance here does not smell.

«Each piece eaten remains in the mouth for two minutes for two hours in the stomach and two months on the hips." «My outfits - this is my life, how I live every day with her feelings, bursts, tenderness and joy» spoke of the inextricable link of how you live and how you look. In his time, the women had to perform a lot of men's work. It was very difficult at the same time remain fragile and serene. Christian believer in luck, and always I advised to rely on lucky stars, because it is at everyone.

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