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1. Christian Bale began his career in 1983, when he was only 9 years old. For the first time the future actor appeared on television in a commercial grain bread. A year later, he changed roles advertising child and spoke on stage together with Rowan Atkinson, who later became famous for his role as Mr. Bean in the eponymous series. For 12 years Bale managed to pull in two mini-series, and then later became known to the world by taking part in the film "Empire of the Sun" by Steven Spielberg. The director called direct child "little Steve McQueen" and with good reason, because for his age, he played the role of Jim Graham's brilliant! By the way, the casting, he walked more than 4,000 applicants.

2. Initially, the role in the film "American Psycho" in 2000 was approved by actor Leonardo DiCaprio, but before filming began and was replaced by Christian Bale. It happened at the request of the writer Bret Easton Ellis novel on which the film was made. This role made Bale even more popular, and in Hollywood, he was considered one of the best actors. Well, in order to play as much as possible plausible Patrick Breytmana Christian had to spend several hours in the gym, and even replace the four front teeth.

3. But outside Leonardo DiCaprio was a holiday, because in 1997, he became famous throughout the world thanks to his role in the movie "Titanic", which might as well as the role of "psychopaths" went to Christian Bale. James Cameron Bale rejected the candidacy on the grounds that the British, like Kate Winslet. The director categorically did not want the role Americans played two Britons. Leo - an American, so it was his and approved.

4. For the role in "The Machinist" actor has lost as much as 28, 5 kg, while the director is never required him to such victims. Brad Anderson (film director) said that thinness Bale wanted to portray a character using the baggy clothes and special make-up, but the initiative was a strong Christian. Extreme diet actor was accompanied by the constant lack of sleep, because he wanted to better understand his character and "stay in his skin." What are the actors not only for the role ... Though low-budget film could not qualify for the "Oscar" of Christian, emaciated from nearly 80 kg to 50 kg, is a little worried. In every interview he repeats, he did not want to be a star and wants to be a great actor. Awards - not the main thing.

5. In the process of filming the movie "The Machinist," the actor went to the casting of the film "Batman Begins," Christopher Nolan. Everyone was clear that in such a state about any role of Batman and speech can not be, but the director is deeply shocked by what he saw offered the role of "bat" is Bailey. He later explained this by saying that if a Christian too thin so for a role in "The Machinist," for the sake of his role in the film, he goes on anything. As soon as the shooting started in the "Batman" actor he has recovered 45 kilograms and Nolan barely knew him.

6. With his wife Sibi Blazic actor met in 1999 at a party the actress Winona Ryder, a former model who has long worked Blazhich agent. Incidentally, the Seabee is 4 years older than Christian, but neither he nor it does not bother her.

7. Winona Ryder not only contributed to Christian acquaintance with his future wife, and she invited the actor for the role in the movie "Little Women," 1994, in which she starred. Bale was eager to take part in this film, so the rider Christian razglyadevshy talent, so decided to express reverence and respect.

8. March 27, 2005 the actor became a father. Seabee bore him a daughter, Emma.

9. Bailey easily manages to imitate accents, so if you see his films without translation, you will see that each of them had the new pronunciation.

10. The actor has won the "Oscar" in the category "Best Actor" for the film "The Fighter." Christian statuette was just last year.

11. In Christian has three older sisters: Erin - a musician, Sharon - a computer expert and Louise - director and actress.

12. A few days before the premiere of "The Dark Knight" Christian Bale was arrested at the request of his mother and sister. If you believe their words, that the actor threatened them with physical violence, as well as "push and shoved." But the arrest did not last long, because already after 4 hours native took a statement and actor released. What caused this behavior has not yet been reported.

13. Before the star in the movie "Batman Begins," Bale auditioned for the role of Robin in "Batman and Robin" in 1997. Then he had no luck, and the role went to Chris O'Donnell.

14. The actor never studied acting, although thought to enter the "Royal Academy of Dramatic Art." From this he was dissuaded senior fellow actors by saying that it made of all the clones. Bale did not want to be a clone, so he decided he could handle alone.

15. In Greek the name of the actor is "a Christian┬╗.


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