What stars are ready

Hollywood actors have to constantly prove their loyalty to the movies. They are subjected to this torture his body is losing weight, then get fat 30 kg. They shave the hair, teeth removed, days sitting in the gym. In general, constantly changing beyond recognition team director. For many celebrities there are no barriers that they have not overcome in order to receive the coveted role. What is sacrificed for the sake of art stars?

Mickey Rourke
The actor a new goal - the role of the famous rugby player Gareth Thomas, the first athlete confessed his homosexual. For the role, the actor is planning to shave the hair and remove the two front teeth.

And here is the Gareth Thomas.

Matt Damon
For the role in the film Mark Whitaker informants, he scored 15 kilograms and grew a mustache. Fortunately, not just admit to Hollywood sexy man managed to regain previous form.

Robert De Niro

But the star of the film "Raging Bull," Martin Scorsese's fortunate in this respect is much less. Scored 20 kilos for the role of Jake LaMotta, regain the harmony he was unable to, although it is still considerably thinner.

Jared Leto

For the role in "Chapter 27" actor he scored 30 kilograms, which seriously affected his health by depriving opportunity to move independently. On the set he was taken only in a wheelchair.

Christian Bale

While the others eat off, Christian sat on a rigid diet, slowly turning into a skeleton. For the role in "The Machinist", he lost 30 kg.

Renee Zellweger

But the girls have changed no less than men. Renee gained 10 kg for the film "Bridget Jones's Diary," turn yourself into a fat clumsy.

Charlize Theron

To get the role in the film "Monster", he added 15 kg in weight and wore false teeth.

Some of the celebrities, in contrast, say they do not agree to change the appearance of howling for any money and the role.

Jim Carrey
I'm not one of those who does anything by half, so I would not accept a special suit that made me fat. I started to experiment a bit with a weight of 13-15 kg scored, but I still had 10-15 kg. If you are Robert De Niro in 20 or 30 years with a small, and so you do not just get back in shape. But try to do the same when you are no longer young. Overweight you are, at best, will earn shortness of breath, and at worst - heart failure.

Scarlett Johansson

I do not want any 15-year-old girl in Kansas City decided that she, too, will sit on a rigid diet and would not have a couple of weeks to be like Scarlett Johansson.


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