I love the people in Banten

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I love the people in Banten,
clothing weary astronauts,
in pointe ... in dresses, unusual even
serving on
sale in a tiny luxury clothing store
the boy who
last hope He loses himself. but after tossing a coin changer,
knows what will be the time and place "ballet»,
where he is like a drunk, in love to the schoolboy terror,
He leads his lady. not recognized that the fetishist,
It will wait until the whispering between the main lines,
compliments ... and she, and so obviously insane drunk
from words, the number of them, from his lengthy "pas»,
gently say "yet" ... and then ...
He would send her to hell, to the ferris wheel,
without unnecessary roughness, but respecting the classics.
because Ophelia is also not known if the dead,
that men do not look in the heart fitting,
and in stockings and panties - modestly play
dominoes and hopscotch.


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