Volkswagen Budd-e: the debut of the electric minibus

At CES 2016 Volkswagen demonstrated its next electric concept - the minivan Budd-e. The new car is positioned as a modern Microbus (the original version of this van was produced until the 60s of the last century and enjoyed wide popularity).
One of the most remarkable features of electric minibus Budd-e is claimed Volkswagen mileage on a single charge, which is about 600 km (331 miles). This power reserve is provided by lithium-ion batteries last generation capacity of 101 kWh located under the floor to lower the center of gravity. For comparison, the latest electric vehicle e-Golf by the same manufacturer are able to overcome the maximum without recharging 190 km


Batteries conceptual "mini-bus" can be charged from a 220V household outlet or else via a wireless inductive charging. In addition, the possibility to make up 80% of the stored energy for 30 minutes using the express-charging device 150 kW of production itself VW.

The concept, which in the view of the German mark to become "the gateway to the future" is equipped with two brushless motors on the front and rear axles with total capacity of 302 horsepower. Accelerate to "hundreds" of electric car can in 6, 9 seconds and its top speed is between 180 km / h.

The stylistic features of his Budd-e design inherited from the earlier concept VW Bulli, which was shown at the Geneva Motor Show in 2011. However, in the appearance of a new minivan is clearly apparent motives of the Japanese youth concept car Teatro for Dayz, presented at the Tokyo Motor Show in October last year.

Inside the new electric concept, too many interesting things. Moreover, according to Volkswagen Budd-e interior design represents a "quantum leap", which can be compared to the transition from feature phones to smartphones. So, the car has received an innovative digital instrument panel, with three large touch screen. And interact with the controls can not only touch, but also voice commands and gestures.

For example, after the words «Hello Budd-e» is activated on-board intelligence system, which is able to track the mood of any of the passengers and, consequently, climate change settings, light level, etc., in response to the voice of a certain part of the cabin. separate large monitor is provided for the needs of multimedia users. In general, the German concept of "thoroughly imbued with" smart functionality, allows you to synchronize your work through cloud services to any mobile device, or even a "smart" home.

Of course, there were here and without autopilot functions, one of which is the automatic parking. In addition, the roof of electric minibus VW equipped with solar panels, and all the lights and interior lights using LEDs exclusively.

Minibus built on a new electric mobility platform, which is based on a modular architecture VW MEB (Modular Electric Toolkit). Solutions of this platform is planned to be used in other production electric cars and hybrids of the German manufacturer. Presented at the electronics show prototype has a wheelbase with the size of 3151 mm, an overall length of 4597 mm, width - 1938 mm, height - 1828 mm


You can also note the 21-inch aluminum wheels, the lack of side mirrors and door handles, which, according to the manufacturer, have been replaced by "electronic solutions».


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