Town of energy-efficient homes, nests in Britain

In Britain, the Isle of Wight to build a town with energy-efficient homes, nests.

The innovative project of the new housing concept called "nesting" implements the British architectural firm Blue Forest is known for the unusual construction of eco-houses, transfers Fainaidea.

Located on the territory of Robin Hill Country Park, the complex will include 28 small cottages, 22 so-called "nests" and 40 tents.

According to the draft, all the buildings a minimal impact on the environment will be different non-standard architectural solutions, perfect sound insulation and energy-saving heating and lighting.

As the «Blue Forest» Project says CEO Simon Payne, compact buildings will allow architects to maximize fit them in a natural park landscape. "Height, which will be situated houses on the trees will be adjusted in accordance with the next tree level, in order not to violate the upper limit of forest growth, - says the expert. - An important role in the preservation of the natural landscape will play a curved shape and flowing lines of buildings. "

Each house is a living room, bedroom, bathroom and balcony. Designers plan to sustain the interior of all houses in the same style, which will differ only in the number of beds. Thus, residents of "nests" will be able to choose between a large double bed and four small. To isolate the new British houses used thick panel widths of up to thirty centimeters, which is great to keep warm, and to illuminate the premises - saving appliances on the LEDs.

"Nests" reduced from renewable forests, that is specially grown trees for construction. Cottages are decorated with red cedar wood. As assured in the Blue Forest, created from piles or concrete slab foundation homes will not put pressure on the roots of trees.

The company plans to build a town with energy-efficient homes, nests on the Isle of Wight until 2018.


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