20 photos, showing that there is no good morning

As the commonplace internet saying good morning does not happen. Especially Monday morning. Meanwhile, a man stood up from the bed and how he really woke up, sometimes it can take a long time. < Website shows what it can be fraught.

He just wanted to buy a morning coffee but something zabyl

and it's kind of put all that is necessary, but not in the poryadke

and because the guy has no idea what happened to him that -That is not tak

However, like this one. He did so to work priehal

seems that this lady had a little more coffee utra

shave and brush your teeth. The main thing is not odnovremenno

When you want breakfast as soon as possible and do not have time to mess with otkryvalkami

Fitness morning is also good, the main thing to find the right uprazhneniya
< br>

He even helped shower prosnutsya

apparently, the author of this memo is often out of the house with unbuttoned shtanami

< br> boring was probably igra

When decided to abandon the harmful caffeine and drink in the morning yogurt

While here even steeper poluchilos < br>

That and coming up with ideas for high mody

We had to drink coffee first, and then get behind the rul

< br>
Well, it's already shaped mockery of sleepy humans - to produce a cure for allergies and laxative in these same packages

the very moment when it is not clear - it is now such a fashion, or people just do not wake up before they get dressed?

Popil kofeёchka

to certain prosnutsya

If the morning was his face, it would go something like tak

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