20 amazing moms nurtured geniuses and stars

Edition Site publishes a selection of photos from which warms hearts ... These images show the mother of famous people. Insanely interesting to consider those old photos and look for similarities in the familiar faces and the faces of their mothers! Igor Starygin with mamoy

Yuri Nikulin with mamoy

Armen Dzhigarkhanyan with his mother Helen Vasilevnoy

Brothers Samoilov with mamoy

Vakhtang Kikabidze mom Manana Konstantinovna Bagrationi

Valery Kipelov with mamoy

Benjamin laughter with mamoy

Viktor Tsoi with her mother Valentina Vasilevnoy

Dibrov Dima with his mother Tatiana Valentinovnoy

Vyacheslav Butusov with mamoy

Ilya Glazunov with his mother Olga Konstantinovnoy

Lyudmila Grebenshchikov and his son Borisom

Maria Vizbor with his son Yuroy

Yuri Shevchuk with mamoy

Robert Christmas with her mother Vera Pavlovnoy

Sasha Maslyakov with his mother Zinaida Alekseevna, the end of the 1940s

Sasha Porokhovshchikov with her mother Galina 1939 god

Armen Grigoryan with mamoy

Svyatoslav Belza my mother Zoya Konstantinovna. End of 1940 h

Edward Gil with his mother Helen Pavlovnoy

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