Every woman wants to see next to a strong, confident, courageous man, responsible, strong and self ..

When a woman begins to put himself above men, even if she's a mother, her son and he begins to educate him how to live, taking an active male position, she breaks a man as a person.

To instruct, teach life, command - a male privilege. If a man make it impossible to make their own decisions, if you put yourself above it, proud of their cleverness, deriding his decisions and aspirations, eventually he lost all courage, believing in its futility.

Women bring men! But you can bring up the feminine, acting with love and affection, and can be masculine, assertive and aggressive. And get relevant results.

Only a true strong woman can be weak! Silly woman will always strive to be stronger and smarter than men to compete with him in the lead.
A wise woman will take its natural position, totally trust her husband and allow him to make decisions, make mistakes, correct and move on.

A man becomes a man only when he did not take away its natural right to make their own decisions, to take responsibility for the family itself. When he trusted, and do not indicate an error when inspired by his strength, not accused of weakness, when encouraging him to new horizons of her femininity and wisdom, occupying a subordinate position, and do not undertake to compete with him ...

If you want to see a man of his masculinity, pay attention to how you communicate with him, in what tone ... If you're a mom son, remember that the image of your relationship to it strongly influences the formation of his personality. Allows him to take decisions himself, treat him especially as to the future of masculine, the protector and patron rather than as a small child dopey.


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