13 Soviet kitchen appliances, which are still in vogue in modern housewives

The smell of freshly baked vafelek crunch sticks with vanilla flavor, ringing German silver cutlery. Soviet years, each associated with something her. But almost everyone on the margins of consciousness surely there is a pair of good memories of family gatherings kitchen with fragrant homemade goodies, carefully prepared by their mothers or grandmothers.

< Website published with permission of the author article, which tells about the most popular subjects Soviet utensils, which still exist in every kitchen.

Thus, in the photo at the top of the Soviet waffle iron. Heaviest double pan made of cast iron. They have been more electric, but this - for gas cookers. Why hard? It's simple: even a machine with difficulty holding a constant temperature. And it was very important for baking.

This is the predecessor of the modern mixers - hand whisk cream. A masterpiece of Soviet engineering, enjoyed continued popularity among housewives. Alternatively, he acted like a manual unit is screwed on a glass jar.

This oven Soviet "miracle." In fact, the form for baking various bakery products, as well as to extinguish the meat and vegetables. It is also possible to bake fish, apples.

Mangler (juicer) for apples. Inside - a rugged metal cup with perforated bottom. It is all part of the firm apple and juice squeezed down and then drained through the nose on the outer glass.

"Ural" Mincer. Even severe Chelyabinsk men swore, turning through her wiry Soviet meat. It usually regularly wound onto a knife, and the output of the grinder was poured juice with minced meat with fat. But nothing, even the dumplings of minced meat that obtained with a bang.

Here, by the way, and a device for ravioli. This form of modeling is really facilitated the process, allowing to prepare a batch of 37 dumplings for 5-7 minutes. He had only time to try to, as they say, feel the difference.

Baltic containers for cereals. Required item on the shopping list of all travel in Riga in 1970.

Vegetable cutter. I work well with tomatoes. But something more dense Reza hard as metal strips were not very hard and spun on its axis, disturbing beauty sliced. Some of the most skillful hostess managed to cut it so the cheese.

Another "device" for the advanced Soviet housewives. Tool for baking sticks. Replaceable metal molds is screwed onto the handle. Then dipped in batter specially prepared (with the addition of vodka!) And then - in boiling oil. Fry dough in the form of crisp crispy butterfly or flower.

These cupro-nickel cutlery (top and bottom) remembers, probably every reader finds the USSR.

But that thing on the top is not familiar to everyone. In fact, this special nozzle on mills (something like a small grinder) for the production of homemade cookies. It is screwed onto the grinder, and from removable (pass) form holes extruded sausage of dough. Substituting hand, the owner of forced sentimentality 5 of this article and cut the dough with a knife. Then came the cookies on a baking sheet in the oven.

And here's the thing - both Soviet and anti-Soviet. In fact, it molds for baking Passover lamb. I suspect that they were made at defense plants in their free time. And then somehow not officially sold in the consumers' stores. In any case, no markings and factory marks on this item no.

Hammer and sickle, star, hydrofoil boat "Rocket" on the cutlery, according to their manufacturers, probably should promote the appetite of Soviet citizens. "Bon appetit!" - This is what I need to wish readers

. Author: Paul Sjutkin

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