12 secrets to cooking perfect pancakes

Pancakes loved by many, but their cooking sometimes becomes a real problem. That will stick, the tear, the pancakes are obtained instead of openwork and thin dough. We have to work hard to get a really tasty and beautiful dish.

The Pancake week Website has decided to reveal all the subtleties of cooking perfect pancakes. Now cook them is not difficult, even for beginners.

Try to choose the best, high-quality products. Make sure that all the ingredients were fresh. Milk or yogurt you need to choose is not very fatty. And if you dilute the milk mineral water, delicate pancakes are obtained. In a frying pan for pancakes is not worth saving. Cast iron works best - it warms up evenly and holds heat for a long time. The milk should be warm, not hot. Sift the flour it is necessary. Egg whisk with a fork better separately with a pinch of sugar and salt. Then the dough is obtained porous. Flour is best mixed with milk, and then add to the mix the beaten eggs. The eggs at the time of mixing with the milk must be at room temperature. If the dough get too thick, it can be diluted. Milk is not necessary to add, otherwise the pancakes can burn on. It is better to add water. You can dilute the beer and then they will get thin and durable. Frying must be red-hot, to pancakes will not stick. If the worst-first - most likely due to insufficient heated pan. Fry over moderate heat better. If pancakes are torn and not baked through, then I do not have enough flour in the dough. Another tip - add a spoonful of vegetable oil to the dough. Then the pancakes will not stick to the pan. By the way, if the test has oil, it is necessary to lubricate the pan just before the first pancake. The more sugar in the dough, the rosier obtained pancake edge. But it is important to know when to stop, too sweet dough will be burnt. When ready sprinkle sweet pancakes with lemon juice, it will emphasize delicate taste test.

And the most important secret - cooked with soul always delicious

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Perfect pancakes, which are obtained even for beginners

Secret recipe lacy pancakes

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