About Nutrition. Vibration types of food

The main mistake, which makes a lot going on balanced nutrition, or just thinking go, this type of thought:
And for what then live?
And what I now have to eat as much vkusnyashek ban?
Why, then, money, and restaurants?
The latter will take away the joy in life ...
And so on.

Thought: And for what then live
? Let me remind you, Vibration - it is the power which helps the attainment of the desired vibration you help achieve your goals in life
. Remember the famous philosophical question: Is to live or live to eat?
And if you're here for the food, and even then do not worry. And do not read on my article. You may have chosen the life of this game, to try all the sweets in the world. This game is not very long, but informative :)
Therefore, first determine the goals of your stay in this life, with the vibrations. Then Power Avelido adapt to you.

Someone buys a car to ride on it a year and to sell then why protect it then much? The car rolled pieces during this time, all the bumps go, pour gasoline cheap, do not change the oil, do not wash, do not clean, do not mend. Squeezer for the year, was sent to the trash and forget.
A similar situation is with the body, if it is needed 40-50 years of commercials, then poispolzovali his life and figs with him ...
If the goal is still the other, then it must be handled carefully and with love to come to the fact that you will fill in and lay yourself as a food and how you will communicate with your body-Planet.

Thought: And I myself now have to eat as much to forbid vkusnyashek
? All prohibitions are from zhizneedov (energoparazitov consciousness).
They are beneficial to us something currently prohibited, thereby creating tension within themselves, and they have increased energy yields.
No need to ban! You can afford to choose a harmonious food.
Zazombirovannye modern mass power, we fall into the illusion that the balanced diet - it's some kind, even if healthy, but the muck, and man-made sweets - is a joy, which would have deprived
. Do not deprive yourself, do not push, do not forbid. Allow yourself to eat "snacks", if it is absolutely pripret and zhizneed nashepchet you that He does now can not live without this nyashki.
Ate not spread rot themselves and do not scold.
I repeat: Your task is not to ban itself is something, and allow to choose a harmonious for your body and food purposes


And now, the most Avelido supply (Vibration and species).
Decide on the goals. For example, they look like this:
Being healthy and full of energy.
Many Life Energy.
Youth, flexibility, a sense of pure and living body.
The body - as a self-healing system, when gray hair go, recovering bodies, grow new teeth as long as necessary, long life, beauty of the body and so on
. If the purpose of such vibration, the subsequent information will be so helpful.

Meat - is dead animals. People form (on the model of the body) are frugivorous (fruit of the word). Our body design is very bad moves digestion of muscle tissue of the deceased animal.
Eating meat carries our body fears being killed animals, and on the physical level, all manifestations of purulent. All the pus in the body - the body is trying to get rid of the consequences of meat consumption


Dairy products.
We need milk, but because of her mother's breast during feeding.
Further, dairy products, we are a whole set of charms:
Mental animal content. The cow and then take away the baby milk, milk, milk ... It is forced to do something that nature did not plan. The cow had to feed her baby, and then relax. Girls, imagine that you have taken away the child and then for years procrastinate your chest to someone ate tons of cheese and yogurtiki?
Here's a thought content filled us with milk.
This content and the use of milk contributes to varicose veins (not making the situation), early sagging breasts in women, gray hair, tired of life and even a bouquet bolyachek all men and women.
Pregnant and lactating girls recommend eating more cheese.
In fact, dairy products eluted from the calcium of the body.
Girls bowls, choking eating cottage cheese, nails at the port, climb hair, veins in the legs crawl. Because leaches calcium cheese! Calcium just a sea in grapefruits and other fruits.
Oh, and if you are allergic to citrus and other fruits?
Allergies have not fruit, just fruit has cleansing properties and getting into the body, begin to withdraw all unsold stuff.

Cooked food.
I will say one thing, it's like there is a paper boiled, seasoned with all sorts of spices and flavor enhancers. This food is low energy. Not it increases vitality, so it must have a lot to somehow satisfy the body. We seem to be talking about the planet and its nature, you fool some, you give us a bad meal created, here we are now it will finish, cook, fry, extinguish, that's when it is the food that is necessary.
And then as we go jam, tired, with expanded belly on a leash Quite zhizneeda :) To him it's all very hands on. "Cooked people," they do not think much about the purpose of your stay in this life, they digest nyashki, they have no time;)

To be continued.

© Alena Brandis


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