It is very important to us who prepare food and what mood.

At the time of the preparation of food mentality and consciousness is transferred to cook the food. Why do so many religious schools do not recommend eating at strangers? Because there are various methods of influence on consciousness through food, and mental disorders and even psychotherapy may arise after such an intervention.

Studies have been conducted on this subject, and found that people often suffer serious food poisoning, if at the time of preparation chefs swearing. This laboratory studies of food did not show the presence of any toxins, poisons, etc. In spite of this, in its structure the food was very dangerous to health -. Not on the chemical, and energy - information level. Therefore, we must treat very seriously the one who prepares and offers food. For example, in a restaurant not only cook, but also a waiter, though to a lesser extent, together with food sends you information and energy. So many people have a rule not to eat in the homes of enemies and the enemies.

It can be for many years to engage in spiritual practices, self-development, but if you do not eat or even just once eaten something cooked evil, envious person can worsen the karma for a long time and decreases the level of consciousness.

And now, especially for women - when you cook food to my family, very carefully watch your energy and your thoughts, especially if the food is cooked on an open fire. Through the element of fire power is transferred to the food on the hotplate less dangerous than on a gas stove. After eating a woman can very cleverly, in a good way, to control man. Therefore, in ancient times, women have been taught to cook, pick up herbs and spices for a particular case. And if a woman prepares her husband with love, choosing the right foods and spices, skillfully combining different tastes, it can affect the mood and behavior of her husband, to cure him of the disease and get rid of bad habits. For children this applies no less.

You can never be harmonious, if you eat it is not clear that someone cooked. Food affects the mind, emotions, and these changes involve changes in the physical and spiritual level.

It is very important how you eat and whom you eat. At the time of the adoption of our subconscious food as openly as possible, so we just absorb all the energy, all the sensory and mental impressions. For example, if you swallow his breakfast quickly, something like chewing on it under the heavy rock, it thus sounds you program yourself for the whole day - you will be very excited and anxious, obviously. In American schools, 80% of children suffer from hyperactivity, they can not concentrate. But you see how they eat - on the run yesterday swallow burgers, heated in a microwave oven and washing it down with their Coca-Cola. American school, which established the right food to his disciples, soon found that children change and consciousness.

We take food and emotional experience, so the table should be beautiful and serve decorating, food should be not only beautiful appearance, but also a delicious smell. It is important that during the meal was relaxed atmosphere. Poor at the table when the person begins to discuss their problems, or someone to criticize.

Rami Blekt


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