9, the main rules of the winner. That's what people do not know that all the time lose

Site publishes important and interesting article by Steve Toback, businessman and columnist for Entrepreneur publication of what it means to be pobeditelem.Nedavno I was talking to a quite brilliant young entrepreneur (I'm his mentor), and it occurred to me, that the majority of the founders of start-ups and small business owners themselves are bad, what it means to be a winner So they follow the example of Richard Branson, Mark Cuban and similar people -. they are trying to understand how a person thinks a successful

Unfortunately, the way of thinking - is only the beginning. Success in the long term is based on the ability to listen to your intuition as much as or even more than the ability to reason. It is based not so much on an understanding of themselves, but rather on relationships with others. Success - is first of all the experience and quality of performance, not the brilliant ideas. Success - is the ability to do and not to dream

. And success begins with a settings that determine your behavior. Installations of a successful person - is the installation, incite action. . These installation

If I'm not the best, the best - someone escheVse talk about how important it is to love his job. But if you - just one of the many thousands of people who are doing the same thing the same way, you can not fall in love with the result of their actions. Passion for their work - a good start. But this is only the beginning. To be a winner, you must be the best in the business

I listen to others, but trust only sebeUspeh -. It is only the ability to make the right decisions. Information - is power, but today, by and large, everyone has access to the same information, so that the rules regarding equal. Yes, it is helpful to be surrounded by the best of these leaders, but when you - the boss is at stake - your own success. So trust your own intuition

It makes no sense to tell people what they want uslyshatBolshe clicks more followers -. Want it all. Everyone is afraid to offend others or appear negative sentiment. Why so many people set out and post useless, empty, thoughtless, utopian advice and reasoning. Your value - to tell people the truth, especially when they do not want to hear the truth

ideas that I do not sing, do not exist for menyaIdei -. It's just a thought. They have each. Content - it's just ideas in paper or electronic form. All generate them. The only difference - is that you really do. The fact that you are doing. The fact that you give to others. Everything else - just verbiage

If everyone is doing it, do inacheZachem person who wants to be a winner, to dive into social networks and digital marketing.? This and so involved in each counter. You can not win that way - you will only zasyadet long time in the trenches of the war. If you are using the same tools as everyone else, and do the same, that they - you are no different from the rest. And point

Following the others, I give up the chance to be lideromNazyvayte it what you want -. Tribe, herd, flock, crowd, organization, company - but always ahead is one man, one leader. You can be that person, or someone else. There is nothing wrong in being a follower. But if you're a follower, and consider yourself a leader, you are deeply mistaken

clients to bulb concepts and content:. ResheniyaV they appreciate the real business, by and large, one fundamental concept: selling products and services that customers need. Therefore, real success stories those products and services that best meet the most serious, the most painful problems of the people. The big problem + = good decision is a great victory. Remember this equation.

I am not satisfied with my dostizheniyaNe so many business books really deserve reading. But the book of Mark McCormack "What is not taught at Harvard Business School" is worth reading. McCormack said that a key feature of the champions - their "profound dissatisfaction with their own achievements." Indeed, the success of the well alone

defeat -. It otstoyVse around assert that dips - it's great. But this is only because the defeat hurts. If it is painful enough, you can see exactly what went wrong, you can learn something from this example and do not repeat this mistake. You will become stronger and wiser. But this does not happen, if the lesion is not painful for you. Do not be afraid to take a beating, but do not confuse it with, and victory: your goal - not to lose, and win

. I could formulate a fifteen or twenty of these reasons, but the main point is this: your settings are only relevant when they encourage you to take action. The victory - this action

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