From its level of activity depends on the sexual sphere, metabolism, cognitive brain capabilities, weight, mood, man, finally. Testosterone protects the brain - from strokes, heart - heart attack, bone - osteoporosis, prevents the development of diabetes, cancer. Its level is very dependent on a number of food products. Testosterone they do not, but there are substances that stimulate its production.
His strength, endurance, courage man must testosterone

For muzhschin most useful vegetables, herbs and fruits are rich in fiber, vitamins, trace elements.

It promotes the development of testosterone lutein fresh fruit gardening. Its a lot of tomatoes, carrots, zucchini, eggplant, yellow bell peppers. But a special place among vegetables occupy cabbage (any) and radishes. They have Diindolemethane, not allowing estrogen, the female sex hormones, accumulate in excess. In addition, all cruciferous vegetables help to get rid of extra fat reserves. Powerful suppress plant estrogens and spices: garlic, red pepper, cardamom. Garlic is also a lot of selenium, a powerful stimulant of testosterone.

Important for the male body and the substance resveratrol. It reduces the effect of aromatase, an enzyme that transforms testosterone into estrogen. Resveratrol is most in red grapes and raisins, and nuts.

Pumpkin seeds are not part of the daily food of many men. And in vain, because they have a lot of zinc, which also opposes aromatase, preventing the loss of testosterone. it is also rich in sesame.

Excess estrogen in men produce different toxins - "waste" of metabolism. It is important to regularly clean the body from them. Good deal with it fiber.

Fiber much and in most vegetables and fruits. From fruits are very useful apricots and peaches, lemons and oranges, apples and pears, melon, persimmon, pineapple. This versatile storage of vitamins and trace elements necessary for men.

In parsley, cilantro, onions, spinach, watercress weight of vitamins, amino acids, minerals. But they are particularly valuable in that they contain vegetable testosterone analogues. Most of them are in celery.

Vitamin C neutralizes hydrocortisone, at a high level of stress hormone testosterone biosynthesis is inhibited. B vitamins support its balance with other hormones. Along with these vitamins vitamin E effectively increase the amount of testosterone.


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