Well, let's talk about food million

What is dangerous nourishing "favorite" broths, soups, borscht?

Understand - everything has a logic all understandable, there is always a cause and consequences

! Let's look under the microscope, what are the broth of "animal." - The ones that are so popular in our traditional family

Let us not talk now about the fact that the animal at the time of the murder feels terrible fear and great stress, it really poison his muscles and bones, which are toxic and that we then eaten.
This fact is not all accept.

So ...

Heat treatment (thermal treatment, a thermal denaturation or cooking, frying) - drastically reduces the amount of nutrients in the food.

All vitamins and biologically active substances die at a temperature of 57 degrees.

That is the first dish you can safely assume the dead food, as in a pot is an irreversible denaturation of products!

Warm beef or chicken broth, getting in the body, it is quickly absorbed the intestines and liver, the throughput ability, does not have time to process received in large numbers, meat extracts contained in the broth.

Because of this, extracts of unsplit poison, bypass the liver, and begin their "trip" on throughout the body, simultaneously damaging the rest of the internal organs.

As is proven by scientists,
extractives falling into meat broth in the cooking process, unnecessarily overload our digestive system and hinder the work of the liver.

A chemical substance (purine bases), contained in pork, lamb, beef, chicken broth, particularly dangerous for the following diseases:
arthritis, gout, diseases of the blood.

What heavier, treated canned for shipping and storage, treated meat pieces (the so-called chemical "additive") is easily transferred into a liquid, that is, into the broth during cooking of meat: so soup fall antibiotics, preservatives, growth hormones .

Particularly harmful - creatine and creatinine -. Uptake of antibiotics and so increases the variety of mutated viruses

. For example: the chicken carcass, which was used during the growth of antibiotic - Tetracycline, boiled for 30 minutes. As a result, traces of the chemical appeared on chicken muscle, and after a further 30 minutes cooking - a substance in its entirety was transferred to the broth

. The belief that the stock can cause liver disease is indeed true!
Liquid chicken broth is absorbed very rapidly and liver just do not have time to process it, as a result of the intestine gets unprepared product.

Thus on the one hand, it can provoke "clogging" of the human body's main filter, on the other - a negative effect on the intestine and other organs, which gets "a crude liquid."

Due to the fact that the broth has a liquid consistency, it quickly passes through the gastrointestinal tract.

In addition, any broth dilutes the gastric juices and reduces the concentration of acid, selected for full digestion products,
which greatly impairs their cleavage.

After that, these undigested foods simply start to wander and rot, so that there is intoxication and acidification of the body - a direct path to diseases

! Broth from the bones is considered an absolute record for the content of harmful and undesirable for the human body substances.

Few people know, but it is mainly in the bones and deposited heavy metals are present mercury compounds and arsenic.

Any rich broth is harmful, it causes vascular disease, joints, kidneys.

Borsch for example - one of the body acidifying foods - contain oxalic acid and hazardous compounds, leading to tooth decay, osteoporosis and other diseases (violates the acid-alkaline balance in the body, to restore which takes a tremendous amount of energy)

! Zazharki, a required element of Ukrainian borscht is a cause of gastritis, gastric ulcers, and carries the cholesterol that affects the blood vessels and the heart.

Also considered very dangerous addition to soups, paste starch (pasta, ravioli) and bread to the dish! This is a direct path to clogged veins and blood vessels (stroke, heart attack, etc.)

Special "illiterate" a place occupied by various myths.

The people there is a myth that you should drink chicken soup for colds. This statement does not correspond to the body's biochemical processes, as such food is heavy "burden" for the man,
and for learning requires large energy costs.

Of course, this is very bad for a weakened organism during illness.

Enough to err, and to worsen the painful position!

It is important to understand that during the disease by drinking the best-eating is pure water and natural vegetable juices.

It would not look nice and attractive, these dishes clouded eyes of ignorant people, no matter how tasty they were not - all this has a scientific explanation!

People can deceive themselves and anyone, but nature does not cheat.


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