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Miniatyuristka Brook Rotshank of Indiana (USA) creates tiny drawings of objects, animals, plants, thus recreating them so detailed and accurate that you wonder - how she had little patience for such hard work Brook, a professional artist - mother of two lovely children and, as all mothers, she sometimes did not have enough time for the big job. Therefore, while her children were young, she decided that she would draw one small drawing a day for one year.

< Website publishes a selection of delightful drawings Brook.

According to Brooke, it was a way not to lose productivity and not succumb to depression. "Creating these daily pictures taught me to relate more easily to what I'm doing. I could draw something, and if I did not like it - no problem - the next day there was another chance to do it better than yesterday »


Depending on the complexity, the daily images of the artist took from 45 minutes to several hours. Sometimes Brooke draws 2 pictures daily on Saturday to rest on Sunday.

"For the story I usually choose a topic related to what is happening in my life at this time, - says the artist - is as small signals that I send to the outside world, so that everyone who saw them could interpret in their own way . »

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