The only museum in the world of miniatures

That is what is called - feel like a god! All this wonder is in Hamburg (Germany). 150.000 miniatures people thumbnails 30,000 cars, 5,000 trains and more than 400,000 trees. To create the required 10 million man-hours. 1:80 scale miniatures. Trains, cars and people moving a limb, and not just as something arbitrary, but a movement is controlled from a special control room. For example, day and night, changing every 15 minutes at night and machines included the size and headlights.

For visitors there are special stands with buttons, clicking on that occur opledelennye action. For example, can the police come to the house and arrest the robbers, or drive up to the tow truck on a deserted highway zaglhshey car. In general, you start to really feel the master of the world by pressing different buttons and making things develop exactly when you want.


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