15 delightful non-touristic corners, where you can catch the real spirit of the country

Let's leave aside handouts and by Hollywood cliches and take a look there, where tourists usually do not look - to feel the soul of the country and see her real life Website publishes a selection of delightful non-touristic places in popular among the country's tourist <.. br>
1. Coast, Frantsiya

Colorful Coast village for more than 700 years. Despite the military battles and natural conflict, the settlement has retained its historic appearance. Near Lake Geneva is a small castle built by the Count of Savoy Amadeus V. The cobbled streets, charming residents, cozy old house, elegant flower beds ... This place could not enter into the Association of the most beautiful villages in France!

2. Kangaroo Island, Avstraliya

Kangaroo Island can be safely attributed to the places where dreams turn out to be adults and children. A third of the territory then occupied by reserves and national parks. You will enjoy the grandiose scenery on the background of the giant cliffs and green open spaces. Here, on a walk, you can meet kangaroos, lizards, koalas, platypus, and lots of birds. Dwarf penguins, black cockatoos, barn owls, etc. And in the ocean waters frolic dolphins and seals. Australia in this place opens in front of you as a freedom-loving and full of unseen beauty of the country.

3. Fortress Burtanzh, Niderlandy

Fortress Burtanzh, or "Star castle", located in the Netherlands. It was built during the Eighty Years' War, when the country was fighting for independence from the Spanish Empire. The architects have come up with a new type of fortification to protect against artillery. After the war, the bastion was abandoned, then again to strengthen and expand, and to the XIX century Burtanzh belongs to the local community. Tour of the bastion is very informative, besides the beautiful scenery here.

4. Albarracín, Ispaniya

The philosopher José Ortega y Gasset wrote that this city has a fabulous silhouette. And Albarracín often called the "pink city". Beautiful name settlement was at Muslims (IX-XII centuries.). Here, everything is fine: the old winding streets, and the mountains of the Sierra de Albarracín and green meadows, and rivers. Here you can also see the 18-kilometer-long aqueduct, which is still built under the Romans. Walking on the pavement, you unwittingly immerse yourself in the Spanish flavor of the past centuries.

5. Devonshire, Angliya

Devon - picturesque county in England, washed by the Bristol Channel and the English Channel. Once there was Dumnonia, who inhabited the Celtic people. The bays are located Devon resorts, fishing villages and ports. It was born in Devon great sailors Sir Francis Drake and Walter Raleigh, as well as the "queen of detectives" Agatha Christie. And the events described in the book by K. Doyle's "Hound of the Baskervilles", also taking place in Devon. Here you'll get a real face of the country, in the form of a severe restraint intertwined, colorful landscapes, cozy home and mysterious way.

6. Hokkaido Island, Yaponiya

If you happen to be in Japan, do not forget to visit the island of Hokkaido. There perfectionists Japanese created a lot of places that give guests a thrilling experience: Unkay terrace on top of the mountain, wonderful flavor and colorful lavender fields, ski slopes and the Blue Lake. And here you can see an incredibly charming animal - Edzo momonga which only lives here. And, of course, you will be surprised synthesis of respect for nature and modern technology.

7. Monsanto Portugaliya

The picturesque town of Monsanto hid among granite boulders. Panorama offers magnificent mountains, green, tiled roofs, cobbled streets. Monsanto was once the center of Beira Baixa province. For eight centuries the local landscape has not changed much, so the town in 1938 was recognized as "the most Portuguese village". Wander here - it is a pleasure, and you can enjoy traditional dishes at the restaurant located on a huge stone (pictured above)


8. Feathered Canyon Islandiya

Fyadrarglyufur Canyon in the south-east of Iceland - an incredible creation of nature. From the pristine landscape of this country is simply breathtaking. Fyadra Canyon River was formed after the Ice Age. Its length is about 2 km and a depth of about 100 m. You will not just walk along the river and a real adventure!

9. Alberobello, Italiya

Miniature Alberobello full of charm. His wonderful trulli houses, once conquered the hearts of travelers. It was built about fifteen hundred fairy houses with conical roofs. By the way, many of them for more than 7 centuries. The city is named in honor of the once-overgrown forest nearby - Arboris Belli ( «beautiful trees"). World Provincial of Italy will open in front of you in this unusual town, bathed in natural light and decorated with inspirational artists.

10. Beech Alley, Irlandiya

Dark alley (Dark Hedges) - an unusual place. It is located near the village of Armoy in Northern Ireland. This stunning "Beech Avenue" was planted in a family of Stuart 3 centuries ago. Their purpose was to impress all entering the mansion, which today is a golf club. And yet, according to ancient legend, under the ancient trees you can meet the ghost of some Grey Lady ... Local residents appreciate the tradition and love puzzles.

11. Kandovan, Iran

Kandovan Village from afar looks like a giant anthill. The houses, created in stony rocks, lives about a thousand people. But the ancient form of the settlement should not mislead you: the locals have long been familiar with modern comfort. Formed quaint relief in ancient century during the eruption of the volcano Sahand. By the way, the literal translation of the name of the settlement - "bee hive". Once here, you will certainly feel like heroes persidkoy tales.

12. Hobbiton, New Zelandiya

Village-fantasy was created on a sheep farm in one year 400 efforts for the filming of the famous trilogy "The Lord of the Rings." After finishing work on the film village was empty for some time. But soon we began here prizzhat all the fans of the work, to see firsthand the burrows Hobbit pub "Green Dragon", arched bridge, a mill and other colorful objects, embodied in reality.

13. Lake Titicaca, Peru / Boliviya

For local residents, Lake Titicaca - is sacred. Its name in Indian means "mountain cougar." According to scientists, the lake millions of years ago, it was the ancient sea: in its waters so swimming marine fish, crustaceans and even sharks and surf traces remained on the mountain slopes. The Titicaca runs about 300 rivers. And on the lake you can see an unusual floating islands made of reeds, inhabited by Indians Uru. The way of life in these cell populations have not changed much over the last century. You even seem that you have to travel back in time.

14. Gastelugache Island Ispaniya

The island of San Juan de Gastelugache located off the coast of the Bay of Biscay. It connects to the mainland by a narrow path, a staircase of 237 steps. The island is the monastery, which has nearly 11 centuries. Marvelous panorama Gastegulache remembered forever, and splashes of azure waves and fresh breeze fills everyone who visited here, a special energy.

15. Chefchaouen, Morocco "Blue Town" Chefchaouen is situated on the slopes of the Rif mountains. Here are all pleasing to the eye: beautiful landscapes, ancient architecture, works of art. Yet the main attraction - a wonderful color! blue shades ranging from light blue to deep azure. Caught in this Moroccan city, you will constantly make a wish. After all, this is a real oriental tale!

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