They opened the apartment, stood locked for more than 70 years, and were stunned!

In 1939, this apartment in Paris has been closed and abandoned mistress. And when two-thirds of a century after it opened, found in refined interior and rare works of art, the value of which amounts to several million dollars! < Website invites its readers to look beyond the unlocked door and learn the amazing story apartment hostess.


Many years ago, in 1939, 23-year-old Madame de Florian had to take a difficult decision, and leave his luxury apartment in Paris. It was the time of the Second World War and, possibly, her departure was connected with the news that the German soldiers were moving in the direction of Paris.

She was clearly in a hurry to leave the city, as collected only the most necessary, leaving the apartment a lot of personal things and interior items. Young woman covering her apartment and went to the south, in a security of a free zone.

All these years, she continued to pay for rent apartments, but never came back here and do in Paris. In 2010, Madame de Florian died at the age of 91 year.

Only after her death, the heirs became aware of the apartment. They hired an auctioneer Olivier Shopin-Janvry to evaluate the property located in the apartment. There remains a lot of antique furniture, paintings, books and other things.


When people went to the apartment, we all gasped in surprise. In an instant they stepped into the past. The air was filled with dust and cobwebs everywhere was.

Furniture beginning of the 1900s proved to be a real treasure. In the dining room has all the necessary utensils and other items. The paintings were removed from the walls, as if the hostess was going to pick them up later, but apparently was not able to.


On the dresser were old housewife personal belongings: brushes, bottles of perfume and cosmetics, various boxes and alarm clock. It looked as if the young woman came out quite a while and was going to return soon.


But one of the findings was the most impressive. The apartment was found a picture of a woman in a pink dress. Further investigation revealed that it was a portrait of a previous owner of the apartment and the grandmother of Madame de Florian - Florian Martin de

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And this was the picture most valuable thing to all who were in the house. According to the examination of the picture painted by the famous Italian artist Giovanni Boldini.


As it turned out, Martha de Florian was a famous French actress and socialite 1880. She led a luxurious life and had many fans among well-known men, including artists, several prime ministers and presidents of France.

Later, a letter was also found with a declaration of love by Giovanni Boldini, which explained the reason why he decided to write a portrait of Martha.

The picture was painted in 1888, when Martha was 24 years old. Following the discovery in 2010, it was sold at auction for 3, 4 million dollars. It was the most expensive work of the artist.


Until now, many questions remain. For example, what prevented Madame de Florian to come back later and why it continued to pay the rent as much as 70 years, while keeping a secret from relatives of the fact of this apartment. Apparently, these questions no one can answer.



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