This secret is described by Avicenna in their recipes longevity. He is considered one of the most important factors of aging "desiccation of the body».
We agree with this and modern science - with the age, the amount of water in the body sokraschaetsya.Eto leads to thickening of the blood and lymph circulation, reduce skin elasticity, muscles, headaches, pains in the joints and so on. So what to do? The answer is simple - to moisturize the body, saturating it with moisture, that is to drink water.
But when, how and what?

Did you know that water - the basis of our body. And the water in this case - and the energy storage medium. To transfer energy in the body also requires a large amount of water. Many energy practices, in particular, Theta Healing, only possible if a sufficient amount of water in the body.
And most importantly - water records any information, and bad and good. Ruga near it - will write the film, are giving good music to listen to or speak words of love to her - and Vodicka writes positive. And health is useful only positively charged water!
Yoga is advised to drink water in the morning, but not cold, and about 40 degrees Drink as much as you can - 1 cup, 2, 3 ... Just always start slowly
. If the water had never drinking in the morning and drink very little - start with a couple of sips and gradually, day by day increase the dose
. Why is it useful to a water temperature? It is also called "fast water».
By the way, you know where the body is water absorption? Many somehow respond that in the stomach. In the stomach, the digestive process takes place, and the water absorbed in the small intestine. Rapid water - so she quickly gets there, it is in the small intestine
! If you are ever interested in the structure of our stomach, then saw in the pictures that are on the edge of the groove of the stomach to directly pass through the stomach without zaderzhki.Chto can go directly, it does not require digestion? Only water! No tea, no coffee, no herbal infusions, fruit drinks! For their cleavage already need digestive enzymes.
Why warm?
A cold stomach will not pass directly to be heated.
And the Chinese believe that the heating of water and other food in the stomach is due to kidney energy, so strongly advised not to eat or drink cold foods. Because the kidney energy is necessary to protect and multiply, and do not spend in vain.
And another important point. In the stomach, water enters in time should not go the digestive process! Otherwise, all of the water body is wise to direct the dilution of digestive enzymes, and will not pass into the intestines!
Thus, only water, only warm and on an empty stomach! Here are three conditions for receiving the rapid water. And do not forget to tell her words of love and gratitude.

And what do you get as a result?
The water goes directly to the pericellular space, not inside cells (intracellular water namely - a swelling). A intercellular water - is thinning the blood and lymph circulation, reducing sugar and cholesterol
. , The lack of water that has accumulated during the night - because the body processes were, and there was no water ingress. And some more, and sweating at night!
Water in the morning on an empty stomach washes toxins undigested food residues from the walls of the gastrointestinal tract and promotes emptying of the colon. Prepares the digestive tract to work. After half an hour, if you wish, you can pozavtrakat.A correct operation of the digestive tract - the key to the assimilation of nutrients and a long healthy life. Here is the secret of longevity!

According to Tibetan medicine, water has beneficial effects on
nervous system - allows you to relieve stress (there is a famous recipe - after a stressful situation sip a glass of hot water - and you immediately become much easier, and the body "dissolve" stress without harm to themselves), to reduce anxiety and depression. And another note that those who in the morning drink warm water, very few wrinkles. And usually, when women notice how much better it becomes their skin, many are beginning to drink a glass of water 1 in the morning and 2 or 3. And the effect is amplified.

When the drinking water? It is best with 5 to 7 in the morning and in the evening before bedtime.
While drinking or not before going to sleep - you decide. If you never drink at night, for fear of swelling or night trips to the bathroom - you should start gradually, accustoming his body little by little. But most importantly - drink in the morning! You can slightly acidified water with lemon juice. But no juices, no tea, no juice, no water will not replace any other liquid.


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