Why do I need to eat raw plant food

• Eat fruits and vegetables in fresh form - it is natural for human beings. No living creature is not heat treated their food. Neither man nor any other living creature is born with a stove, attached to the body.

• Most people who go on a raw food diet in the first days notice amazing results on your body, behavior and so on. For example disappears flu, fatigue, hyperactivity, stress, depression, problems with the digestive tractor ... For most people, when switching to a raw food diet, there are signs of detoxification. In this, one has to evaluate for itself the percentage of live food, which he can add to your diet. I have not heard of one case in five years, when too intense detoxification anyone seriously damaged. But still be cautious.

• After some time, with the right raw food diet, a person can say changes the physical body at a young, fresh and beautiful. It is a gradual replacement of body cells, or in other words the body regeneration.

• Ethical reasons, such as the termination of abuse of animals in industrial production and stop the destruction of the environment on our planet (which is closely related to lifestyle). Automatically when such a beautiful way of life to us is a pleasure to watch their results. Pets are no longer eating, and gradually become the same as we earthlings, often even friends.

• Sport and physical activity go hand in hand with the raw food diet. One without the other is not working at full capacity.
The measure natrenerovannoe body on the living diet looks fresh and
beautiful, it is enough relief without excessive layers of fat and water. The skin has a beautiful color, the touch is very
gentle as a baby.

• Women and men living on the diet back to its true - Ya They use what nature has given them - the natural features of the face, eyebrows, nails, eyelashes, hair color, the smell, the optimal amount of body, and his wisdom and character.

• spiritual path - perfectly combines living nutrition, ethics and every person on this planet. On the raw food diet is best man feels the world around him, living beings and plants. Live food for every creature opens his true feelings and the meaning of existence.

• Indivisible part of a healthy lifestyle - is the fresh air and clean water. Every day, each of us breathes the air 6-8kg, eats 1-3kg of food and drink 1-3 liters of water. Therefore, to full health must be approached comprehensively and try to use it all in the best quality. I recommend spending as much time outdoors.

• It is not enough to know all this, you need to practice. We create eco-friendly gardens, environmental clean field, using natural remedies, natural, recycle waste and teach others (if they are interested) to live in harmony with nature. Karelian


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