20 psychological tricks that will help you gain an advantage

People subconsciously process vast amounts of information, but do not use this knowledge as all processes take place in the mind automatically. But psychologists are aware of some tricks that work simply because we are so constituted. < Website publishes a compilation of tips to help you gain an advantage in many situations.

When you first get to know the person, try to pay attention to the color of his eyes, do not forget to smile. People tend to respond to it, perhaps because you are looking at 1-2 second longer. Pay attention to where the interlocutors feet deployed. If you come to a few people in the middle of the conversation, and they turn to you only the body, but not his feet, they do not want you to join the conversation. Also, when you are talking to someone, pay attention: if the legs are directed to you, the caller wants to end the conversation. < The phenomenon of "foot in the door." People are more willing to agree to run an errand, if you first ask to do something more simple. On the other hand, if you ask at the beginning of something inappropriate, and you say no, and then ask that you like a man more likely to disagree with. If you ask a small favor of human, cognitive dissonance will make him think that he will again provide this service, he likes you. If you ask someone a question and the person responds to you only partially wait. If you keep quiet and maintain eye contact, the interlocutor, as a rule, continue to talk. If you are nervous before any situation, for example, the performance in public or skydiving, try before that chew the cud. This helps to calm down a little, because our brain thinks that "once we chew / eat, we are out of danger." To avoid awkward pereminaniya when you meet someone, look closely through the person's shoulder or to the point between the heads of the people in the group. Your eyes will tell them where you are going, and they parted, or move to miss you. < When you learn something new, I try to teach it your friend. Let him ask you questions. So you better understand and remember the material. Refer to the people with whom recently met named. People like it when they are addressed by name, and it will help create a sense of trust and friendship. If you prepare for the interview, try to change his psychological state in advance. Imagine that you are old friends with whom you have not seen. Draw in your mind how everything goes the way you shake hands with each other and talk. Stay in an open posture and smile. As corny as it may sound, you are responsible for your psychological state. < If your hands warm in a handshake, you veroyanee, deem a nice person, easy to get along with that. When you go on a first date, select some exciting place, such as rides. This increases the level of adrenaline, and the man said, interestingly spent time with you. The key to confidence - is to go into the room thinking in advance that you are all already like. The physical manifestation of stress (increased heart rate, rapid breathing) are similar to the physical manifestations of courage. When you feel the stress of any situation, review it, considering it a challenge, not a danger. < People do not remember what you say, but how you made them feel. If you are currently wide smile, you will feel happier. When a group of people laughing, people instinctively look at the person to whom he is most close to this group. So you can find out the hidden sympathy. Always give your child a choice that would help him feel that he is in control. For example, if you want him to put on his boots, ask him exactly what he wants to put on shoes.

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