Kill the child

Site publishes an article Dima Zitser, professor of pedagogy and the founder of a private school, which is dedicated to the tragic stories that took place a few days ago. We often publish texts Dima because they agree with his position: our education system is high time to change the "My nerves could not stand the woman, when the child is unable to cope with one of the tasks.". And my mother killed her seven-year son. That's the way.

This wild tragedy happened just a couple of days ago. In addition to the disaster affects the wording in the article: "Women could not stand the nerves." As if it happened something terrible, extraordinary. And as if the reader should understand this situation. These nerve costs is quite natural: how could it be otherwise? After all, you need to do your homework, you need to bring.

This mother ... is not we do not condone, of course, but still a little mean. She's fulfilled her parental duty, yes, a little overzealous, but still. And the children of those we know - just muddle ...

She herself just 28. She's very young. However, «nerves could not stand».

In this nightmare all at the same time significant, symbolic and clear. The ill-fated mother, not the thought of that makes it so important lessons. What is more important than life itself. Her long time been taught. And this "rule" was to drive tightly. And then - the norm as tightly faced with simple everyday situations. Once "as necessary", and his son can not cope - so she can not cope. And she had been taught to handle. And she coped. Another life has been put on the altar of public perception.

"At this age, they should be shot from the teeth bouncing", - says a passionate teacher of mathematics of pupils of the fourth class. "Because ..." - I continued cautiously, expecting at least some rational justification. A rapidly getting-to-one: "No because it must - and all!»

And if "no because" it is not necessary to think. It is necessary and that's it! NOT! So any means are justified. Well, almost any.

Killing Of course, it is too. < A beating? A humiliated? A frightening punishment?

How many times, asking teachers and parents on the need of a school material, and in general educational activities, I am faced with the very real fear. As if the question itself is destroying the secular foundations of the universe.

< «Why learn Pushkin?»

"Like what, like what ?!" - excitedly boiled adults. "How can you ask such a question ?!»

Those same adults who remember the 7 per cent of the school curriculum. Well, maybe not 7, 12. Well, for the most talented yet Naquin: 22. And then? Why did all this happen? Why do we support this mess today? Why allow yourself to transform itself into an instrument of suppression service institutions? How to become an institution in the school - may be one of the most wonderful human notions? "No because I».

< Our teachers have achieved amazing results and passed the baton to us.

You know, I often meetings with parents and teachers in response to the "Pushkin - our all," I beg to quote at least one stanza Pushkin, not connected with the school program. The result, I think you are well known. I'm sure you can perfectly explain why the audience of 200 people (of intelligent and educated) rises 3-4 hands. Because it is necessary to teach Pushkin "not because". What makes the great poet and in the suppression of tools. For most -. All

I recently offered to children (4-5 grade) is one of the weekly lessons of literature entirely devoted poems, which they themselves have chosen. And now, more than a month together we enjoy poetry Brodsky, feta, Pushkin, Esenina, Burns, Tsvetaeva, Lermontov ... they choose with ease and pleasure to teach naizus and joyfully bear the lesson to share with each other remarkable discoveries. Do you know why this is happening? Just because 'with because. " Their choice, their joy, their pleasure.

Sometimes it seems to me that the system creaks and sways, it is about to collapse. But we do, and rescues her, like a drowning man reach out bandits who only wants to be saved, and then, to have the same rob and kill.

So we continued to maintain this system, knowing that everything is vanity, remembering from school that homework - one of the most boring thing in the world (the importance of which, however, adults make up the false legend), knowing that the relationship between personal happiness and fractions, bounce off the teeth, vanishes,

and our nerves are strained more and more aware that we have a mountain to their loved ones.. They are at the limit. But we will not put the system.

The murder of a child - it's very scary. But what we can say and even more to do? .. Some indifferently pass by - "it's not about us, we do not kill children", others raise his eyebrow - "this is, of course, terrible, but in fact they really need to make, without they did not budge, "others announce mother crazy fourth sympathetic nod -" yes, terrible system, but the other is surely no »

. And we will return to the daily routine. < Until next time.



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