This man ate 30 kilos of food before it is able to kick out of the restaurant!

Site shares with his readers a funny story. Simple and very large fifty American Mr. Fleming to your well-deserved holiday decided to go to a restaurant to eat. And as our hero earns a bit of his choice fell on the restaurant "Eat as you can." Few expected much as he can! Mr. Fleming umyal over 30 kg of food seven hours of slow absorption. And he was determined to continue the meal, because "at that time not yet had enough!" However, having come to the horror of the restaurant staff asked him to stop robbing the institution and get away, but when our gluttonous hero refused to leave the restaurant, it literally pushed vzashey.

Offended, Mr. Fleming said it was the worst experience of visiting the restaurant for the rest of his life. He stressed that due to its limited budget, is always trying to eat at the most for your money and have every right to. That's right, he's going to defend in court: Mr Flemnig filed a lawsuit against the network Golden Corral, demanding compensation for moral and physical labor, the size of two million dollars

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