By raising your vibration, you can achieve in life just what you want. A man with a weak and vulnerable small vibration was capable, he lives with a constant sense of dissatisfaction and frustration. If you are brave enough to change your life, change your life for the better, you have to allocate a 10 golden rules by which you will increase your own energy. So:

1. Control your thoughts!

Our daily thoughts create our reality. We are not saying that you need to keep track of every incoming thought to mind. It could drive you crazy. Just need to bring himself to abandon negative thoughts. At first, it seems an impossible task. But over time, you will realize that it is not so difficult, you train your mind to filter his thoughts. Learn to see not a problem, and how to resolve it. The more you think about the good, the more you raise your vibration.

2. Speak only about what you want!

Very often people with problems in their personal lives, seeing the loving couple sigh say something like: "That, they say, someone lucky, but not me!" Stop! So, you do worse, and hence so you just drop your own vibration. The next time you say something like that: "I'm happy for this couple, I am sure that in the near future, I also met his fate." The same can be translated into money, it is not necessary to tell all your friends about the problems in the financial plan, you will only get worse, and without the complicated situation. Learn to talk about well-being, happiness and money, enough to retell all failures!

3. Select the circle of friends!

Try not to communicate with the pessimistic and negative people, this category of people usually has a very low vibration and it can only hurt you.

4. Stop at least for a time to think and to meditate at all!

The best way to do this is not the nature or somewhere in a place separated from the city. Concentrate your attention on the peace and tranquility. This is the best way to clear your mind and raise your own vibration. If you are a very busy person and can not soon afford to rest, listen to relaxing music relaxed.

5. Connect with like-minded people!

Spend more time with people who share your interests and hobbies. For example, if you decide to become a writer, then join a literary circle. Believe me, because you not only will improve your own skills, but also significantly increase your vibration. Scientifically it has been proven that dialogue with like-minded people prolongs life by an average of 5 years.

6. Give as much as you can!

It can be anything: money, time, or just something that you do not use for a long time. By giving, we receive twice as much. Help others and others will come to your aid.

7. Do unto others as would that men should do to you!

Before you get angry and offended by someone think about whether it's worth it. There are times when it is better and easier to forgive. The lighter and kinder your attitude to others, the better you will meet people in your life.

8. Try to watch as little TV!

The fact that television is increasingly becoming a source of negative output. The more you listen and watch programs about the pain, violence and poverty, the more you lower your own vibration. Your subconscious gets accustomed to negative thoughts and begins to attract them like a magnet in your life also.

9. Be aware of optimism!

This may be the most difficult for you, it is hard to stay positive when everything is collapsing, nothing is impossible, but paradoxically it is in such moments it is necessary to remain positive mood. When you laugh and easy attitude to the situation, your vibration increases sharply, and the higher your vibration, the more quickly the problem go away. Positive thoughts attract good and nice people and a nice chat - is a guarantee of good mood
10. Mood!

This is the main rule, which will help you to always maintain its own vibration at a high level. Your mood is a reflection of past thoughts. Stop and start thinking about the good, consciously change your mood. The better you feel yourself, the more interesting and happy life in front of you opens.


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