25+ Photos that each person has their weaknesses

Each person has their little weaknesses, which he certainly has every right to. The truth here, sometimes it looks pretty ridiculous when the guardians of the law, or even clergymen of this, tempted strong world, forgetting that they can capture on camera. The result is a very cute pictures.

When it bored on duty

You come in a computer club, and there is ...

Well, with God! B>

Well, what? Police also loves soccer)

The Friday sermon

< Well, separated, boys! My uncle is a police line.

I wonder what is the point hiding tattoos? B>

Gangsta Pop

I want to believe that my father just looking weapon, and does not choose)

And everyone says, doctors salary is small ...

Our superstitious police)


Yes, positive people are working in the police!

The women of riot police, who do not give flowers on March 8, decided to take by storm the store

Russian Orthodox rock)

by the FSB are people too)

Check boxes, ice cream, right now, let's go for another small train ride)

Beautiful girls always look strong men chained

It has long wanted to ride on a moto

Hot this press conference, eat Morozhenko! B>

Ice Cream is never too much ...

... like potatoes! B>

Wait a minute, right now, do selfi in to post inst)

Bears sleep)

Well, let the man sleep! B>

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